Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Must Be Nuts!!!

Last night, after a full day of work and a jaunt to the mall with Sarah for some treats and playtime, there was still something left for me to do before my bedtime that I needed to muster the energy to complete.

Yawning much and wishing for my bed, blinded by piles of packed boxes with more that needed to be packed still there was one more thing for me to do before I retired for the night.

You are likely going to think I am crazy when I tell you more.

Because the following day would be Sarah's going away party at school (since we are moving and she has established relationships with her friends and teachers) I promised myself, and her, that I would make cupcakes for her send off.

Now, mind you, I make cupcakes often. This is not a problem for me. I even had extra reinforcements in place this time around to ensure that this could get done in a timely fashion without too much craziness or mess.

Why couldn't I just go to the store and buy beautifully made cupcakes?

My husband even tried to pep talk me into buying as well. He said that Sarah would love them regardless. He's right. And, I know he's right. Sarah would love them no matter what, whether I made them or purchased them. But, still after the fleeting moment passed of considering store bought treats I still said no. I know I would not be any less of a mom if I bought versus baked. I just feel great reward in making these special confections.

And, since I am not a great cook, I gravitated to baking as it was much easier for me. I am not good as a dash of this here and a pinch of this there. i take great pride in the products I churn out but am also my own worst critic when they don't come out as planned. (note: Sarah's second birthday cake -- not my best creation).

Further, a couple of years after Sarah was born my baking desire grew exponentially. With birthday parties and kid's get togethers happening more often we started to bake together. It became a new "thing" for us to do together. And, I love how adorable Sarah looks in her apron and how much we bond while we bake together.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that despite exhaustion the cupcakes got made and Sarah was thrilled. This time I made the cupcakes without Sarah since it was well past her bedtime. Once we are settled in our new home I intend to get back into our routine of baking together.

I know, you are likely saying I am nuts. I accept that. As a mom, I want to do so much for Sarah. This choice to bake, despite it being late and me being tired, was more about me wanting this for Sarah and how much pride I take in making the effort.

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