Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I have much to be thankful for in my life. Not only do I have my health but I also have a super wonderful husband who is incredibly supportive, compassionate and loving. I am also thankful for the sweet, adorable, energetic and vivacious daughter who loves me unconditionally, giggles like rays of sunshine and keeps me on my toes and often in desperate need of a caffeine fix to get through the day.

I give thanks to my friends and family, and readers, and wish you all well this holiday season.

I can't say this enough.
My life as a parent has forever changed me. I see my life through Sarah. She's been my motivation, inspiration, and sometimes aggravation. It's because of her that this Thanksgiving I have something also special to celebrate. Seeing the future I wanted for Sarah, that Daniel and I wanted for Sarah, I was fortunate to find a great new job and relocate us. So, this Thanksgiving we are in a new home, new city, surrounded by family and news friends. We now live in a house with a backyard (yeah!!!) in a great neighborhood with superb schools and a very short distance from close family. I look forward to building our new life with Sarah's future, and ours, in focus.
Sarah's presence in my life continues to be the light that keeps me going and the sunshine that warms my heart.

Sarah has been growing by leaps and bounds since last Thanksgiving. She knows her letters and numbers, can trace them too, loves to ride on the swings and run around too, has a great appreciation for arts and crafts, and is developing at such a rapid pace it's so exciting to help foster and watch her grow.

Today, I share with you this special something from my little special someone as we, together, wish you and yours a happy and healthy Thanksgiving and prosperous year.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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