Friday, November 12, 2010

EmbarASSing Mommy Confessional

What is a mommy to do? When you gotta go, you gotta go.

I have a confession to make. I have peed and pooped on Sarah's potty seat. And, I have done it more than once.

Since we are in the throes of potty training with Sarah she sometimes get so excited in the mornings before I am fully awake asking incessantly to sit on the big toilet. Because of this, I often don't get my chance to go to the bathroom first in the morning, a must for someone living with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Therefore, once the topic of bathroom comes up my urge to go grows exponentially. Once it's in my head that I have to go to the bathroom, I really need to go. And, since this is such a crucial time for Sarah I can't just tell her to hold it in when we are encouraging her so much to let it out.

But (butt -- ha ha ha), sometimes when Sarah has to go, I then have to go too. She sometimes tells me, "Mommy, you have to wait your turn."

It's in these instances that I have had to resort to sitting on Sarah's potty seat and go.

Hey! It's a potty seat. I am using it for what it is to be used for. This seat does not discriminate against a small tushy or a big one like mine.

If anything, I thought that it would help Sarah to learn that pooping on the potty is good and that, look, Mommy does it too.

Okay. You can be grossed out now. But, when the mornings are early and I'm half awake and have to go to the bathroom, I may continue to use Sarah's potty as she continues to embrace her own growth on the big porcelain tank. The reason this has become the situation is that I don't like to leave Sarah in the bathroom by herself just yet as she has been known to fall off the toilet seat from too much excitement. Go ahead and laugh. I do too.

Let's just say that I am doing this for her safety and my sanity. With IBS when the urge is there to go, I must go.

Oh, the things a parent must do to survive. Have an embarASSing moment or confessional you would like to share?

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