Sunday, November 7, 2010

Early Morning Potty Training

Sarah has been heavily in the process of potty training very excited to start wearing big girl underwear -- or panties as she likes to say.

She has full interest in going pee pee on potty chairs, toilet rings and adult toilet seats, but has no interest at this time in dropping off the kids at the pool.


I guess this part will come soon too.

I am just happy that she has an interest in potty training. And, with us in the throes of a major move to a new home and new school, I am not pushing at all on this developmental milestone. I even suspect that Sarah may regress during all these new changes and that toilet training may fall back somewhat. Often I think, this milestone is so significant that I keep reminding myself that is has to happen naturally for Sarah so as to hopefully not screw her up too much (Freud fills my brain much of the time during these moments).

In the meantime, Sarah has gotten into the habit of waking very early in the morning around 2am or 5am calling me to say that she needs to go potty. Now, it would be so good to just fall back to sleep and hope that she does too but knowing how critical and important this process is I know I have no choice but to get up and take her to the bathroom. And, ninety percent of the time she does pee. Fortunately, Sarah goes back to sleep after these wake-up relief moments, most of the time. But, please, this tired mommy is already so tired that waking up for bathroom breaks, which I won't even get up for myself, are making me that much more tired.

I know, no water before bed, and other beverages not too close to bed time. Even when this doesn't happen, still Sarah wakes with the need to pee. Wondering if she's dreaming about lakes, oceans, ponds, etc. (giggle). She loves, loves, loves to jump in puddles wearing her boots. Maybe that's what she's dreaming about. (ha ha ha)

Soon this milestone will pass and that little bit of sleep for me will come back, at least until the next milestone that may wake me prematurely.

Happy daylight saving day. Yes, I have been up for a while now. Got to love potty training.

I will say this, I am loving the brightness of the morning. Have a great day.

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