Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Power of Friends

Over the years I have truly been blessed with great friends who are caring, compassionate, loving and supportive, and who are a significant part of my life.

Since having Sarah, I have come to realize this that much more in how these relationships have been a significant part of my life, and will be for years to come. I have also recognized that it is absolutely and positively necessary as a mom to include an additional group of friends who are fellow moms. It's these friends that get what we go through as parents, who understand the parental ups and downs, trials and tribulations, nervous breakdowns, and thrilling moments associated with parenthood.

This does not mean that non-parent friends are any less helpful, supportive, loving or meaningful. In fact, since becoming a parent it's these precious individuals who have somewhat become more like family. They are still an amazing part of my life and that of my child. In fact, it's these life-long friends that have now become like Aunts and Uncles to Sarah.

It's my mommy friends that get why I don't shower as often as I would like to, understand why I constantly wear my hair in a ponytail or headband, are there when I have mommy meltdowns and get why I like talking about Sarah incessantly. It's these friends that have given me free license to be selfish and talk about Sarah (the good, the bad and indifferent) as much as possible and to also be the necessary ear to listen to their rants and raves, be the shoulder for their crying, arms to hug and hold them, and accept it all. It's a mommy thing.

It is also nice to witness the bonds being formed between Sarah and the kids of my mommy friends, and also the bonds that these children have formed with us.

As we go through life I am sure you have experienced that our friends tend to change. Sometimes this happens when we experience major life changes and milestones and sometimes it happens due to personal interests or strains or just because.

It's incredibly important and healthy to have friends, old and new, as you walk through life. It's these individuals that provide you support and strength, along with your family, and bring great joy as well.

I certainly do not suggest that you say goodbye to your existing friends when you become a parent, as they are your foundation and much-needed support long before you became a parent. Instead, grow your support system and friend-base to include additional people who get what you are going through as a parent.

Friends will love you through it all. Sometimes there are hiccups. Sometimes there is time off to reflect. Many times the friends you keep are a reflection of who you are, people who inspire you, individuals who bring you strength and joy and who are special souls.

I dedicate this blog post to all my friends that are near and dear and who will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for your love and support, putting me in my place, listening to me rant and rave, letting me be me, enabling me to be there for you, and supporting and loving you.

Here’s to the amazing power of friendship.

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