Sunday, October 10, 2010

Much Needed Time With Our Kids

It's been a crazy busy week with home hunting, securing the right daycare for Sarah, researching moving companies and finding a tenant to take our apartment and start a brand new lease.

I am wiped out.

I am exhausted.

However, today, I decided that it was imperative to have a day fully dedicated to Sarah since I have been running around so much. As much as there is still a lot to do to get ready for our relocation, today was to be all about what she wanted to do.

We spent the morning at the playground, had a playdate before lunch with good friends, played princess dress up, took a great nap together, had another great playdate with good friends before dinner time, made balloon animals, and ate crepes (Thanks Santina) and ice cream as well.

Today was a super great day. The weather was cool and sunny and not pouring rain. It was exactly what Sarah and I both needed after a busy couple of weeks.

It's amazing how perspective changes when you have children. Searching for a home requires so much more attention to detail as you are interested in the schools near by, location to public transportation, if necessary, distance from relatives, safety in the home, etc.

So many factors to think of.

Fingers crossed (and, from my lips (or keyboard) to G-d's ears) that by this time next week we will have much secured and confirmed. Praying for this so that I can start my new job with much completed on the family front. I will say that relocating a family is a lot of work. And, trying to do it all in such a short period of time has had my head spinning. However, in addition to my new, exciting career opportunity, having family in the area helping with Sarah while we searched, researched and solidified details has reinforced it all.

I know that the calm from the storm will come soon. I am just so excited for us to be making this change. I am also deeply saddened to be leaving behind many great friends, some family, and relationships Sarah and I have developed. Let's just say friends and family, we will indeed have room for you to sleep in when you come over for visits. And, we do intend to be coming back for visits often. New York will always be our home. And, friends are friends no matter where you live, the same with family too.

Here's to great friends, wonderful family and the amazing love and support we have been so fortunate to receive. May you be so lucky too. Thank you.

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