Sunday, October 3, 2010

Having a Child Changes Everything

When you hear the phrase, "having a child changes everything," it's so the truth.

Since having Sarah, Daniel and I have thought much about what comes next. Where will she go to school and how will we pay for it, where do we see ourselves in a five years, do we want to expand our brood, do we have enough space, and most importantly, what do we envision our future to look like and what do we need to do to get there?

These are lots of questions. Some are easier to answer than others. And, with a recession taking place during it all many of these questions have been asked and re-asked and considered many times.

Thus, it has come time to say that after many years of living and working in New York City and Northern New Jersey, my husband, daughter and I, and our cat, are making a major move to the suburbs.

For many of you who know me, know that Daniel and I have tried this once before pre-Sarah. That move left us commuting well over four hours a day and only slighltly getting us closer to my sister and her family. After selling that home after a short time, we realized that the next time we do this it's to go all the way to be closer to family and be closer to work.

Therefore, I am thrilled to report that this mommy, and her family, are making a move away from what has been familiar for a significant part of lives and taking a leap and new journey to the place we will eventually plant our feet into the ground, gain security, be closer to family, and build a future together.

I have been incredibly fortunate to be offered a wonderful opportunity to work with a great company in Philadelphia doing public and media relations. And, this quality opportunity brings me closer to my sister and family -- BONUS! The best part, too, is that Sarah will be able to spend more time with her cousins and also become part of an even bigger, more extended family, something I have been wanting for her since she was born.

Therefore, this brood is packing up and moving on.

Being in New York a significant part of my life, leaving will be tough. This amazing City will always be home for me. However, I am thrilled, nervous, excited, stressed, happy, and a whole host of other emotions, about our new chapter in life.

Let's think about it. In the span of less than a few weeks, I accepted an offer for my new job, handed in my resignation, shared the news with family and friends, lept into trying to find tenants to rent our existing apartment, driven to South NJ a number of times to home hunt and shop for new school/daycare options, gotten in as many of healthcare visits before insurance changes, and overall, planning for a major relocation.

You can imagine that right this mommy's head is spinning.

I am working out the details for when we will be officially relocated and will be sure to keep you posted. Don't you worry. Just because this mommy is moving doesn't mean Mommy's Point of View is going anywhere.

Writing and sharing life experiences as a parent and providing words of wisdom and important news and information has been such a wonderful opportunity for me. I thank G-d everyday for bringing Sarah into my life and giving me some pretty amazing material to work with to create and grow as a person, as a mom and as a woman, and to share it right here with you.

Thank you to all my readers for your support, feedback, commitment and interest in Mommy's Point of View.

It's going to be a crazy time these next few weeks and months. I intend to keep writing through this transition. There are many lessons as a parent that I have learned just in the past few weeks that I intend to share in the future.

All in all, being a parent makes you think very differently. It's no longer about just what you want and what you need. Children play a signficant role in future decisions. It's all about finding the right balance and recognizing what matters most.

Having Sarah has helped to give me, and Daniel, clarity on our future. She has helped us to realize the importance of us wanting and needing to feel grounded and feeling we belong somewhere. (Thanks baby girl). We desire to provide more for Sarah including a quality education for a more afforable price, a backyard for play, more space to roam and explore, time with family, community and grounding.

Having lived a City life for a very long time this may sound odd. There are many wonderful and great experiences living in a major City or in its tri-state area. However, with it comes with a significant financial cost once has to weigh all the options. Therefore, to help provide what we wish for Sarah and to have a balance for us all, this move is exactly what we want and need.

Good luck to you on your choices and decisions as parents. Sometimes these decisions are tough and sometimes they are life changing. No one ever said life was easy, especially for those of us who are parents trying to pave the way for our kids.

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