Sunday, October 10, 2010

GPS: A Parent Must

This past week I spent a significant amount of time driving around south New Jersey home hunting and checking out the area for a quality daycare/school, playgrounds near by, and more, as we are soon going to be living down there.

On some of these jaunts I had Sarah with me in the car as well.

My lifesaver during these drives has been with a Global Positioning Device (GPS) -- specifically the Garmin nuvi. I am incredibly thankful to my husband Daniel who is a technology wiz and did much research to find us an affordable GPS solution that was also very easy for me to use. (Thanks honey).

Often times I will print out Mapquest directions when I go out for a drive to an unknown location. But, in driving around to check out the area printing out directions would have been too much and required a lot of unnecessary paper.

Being able to type in the address or landmark I wanted to get to, and so easily, made driving such a breeze. No stress at all while being behind the wheel trying to figure out which way to go. And, if I when I wanted to veer away from the route to check out additional sights, the GPS helped get me back on track.

When traveling with Sarah in the car, and she sometimes becomes finicky or uneasy, and I am trying to think about where I am and may become flustered, it can become a bad combination.

Seriously. GPS has been calming and significantly valuable in more ways than one. Each time I use it, especially with Sarah in the car with me, I think often how parent's who don't have it either built into their vehicle or as an add on, should indeed have it. GPS provides comfort and peace of mind when on the road. It also helps to prevent any individual, including parents, risk of an accident as the driver is less likely to make any quick turn offs from the road if you are not aware of a specific location; otherwise putting you, your child and others at risk.

GPS is a must for everyone, especially parents. I highly recommend this technology feature to make driving easy and the time in the car when traveling to unknown territory less stressful and best for all people in the car and on the road in your path.

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