Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Candy Recall Alert!!!

Parents, here's a heads up on two well-known candies that have just been recalled just in time for the candy filled holiday.

Please beware of Nestle's Raisinets Fun Size Bags (10oz) and select Colombina Mega Pops Lollipops (14oz and 28oz).

The Raisinets may contain peanuts as it was produced by a machine that processes peanuts. Therefore, to prevent any serious harm, please do not give out this candy to anyone, and find something else to replace it with. Parents of kids with peanut allergies, I am sure you do this already, but as added precaution, please be on alert should this candy make its way into your kids bags and pumpkins. Bags of this candy were sold in Target, Shop Rite and Don Quixote retail stores.

The Mega Pops Lollipops may have trace amounts of foreign particles that could be harmful, according to the manufacturer. The recall includes the following flavors: watermelon, cherry, orange and grape. Nearly 90,000 bags were sold at Dollar General, Family Dollar, Variety and Fred's stores, and wholesalers as well.

Regardless, as parents, it's imperative that we check our children's candy bags for unwrapped candy or this recalled candy while they are trick and treat and when at home. Let's make sure to remove this candy from the bunch.

Also, if you happen to see someone giving out this candy during Halloween, or another other time, please let them know of this news as I am sure they would not want to risk any harm to our little goblins and their chaperone's.

To learn more about these recalls, including lot numbers and how to get your money back visit the following links below.

Raisinets Recall List

Mega Pop Lollipops Recall List

Be safe this Halloween!

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