Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Serenaded with the ABCs

This morning when Sarah woke like clock work at 6:00am I dragged my oh so tired body to her room, settled into the futon couch and covered myself with a blanket.

A few short moments later Sarah began singing to me the ABC song.

At first, it was cute and then I rolled over to hopefully catch some more zzzz's. You know what's coming next.

Then, Sarah said, "Mommy, wake up. Wakkkkkeeeeee uppppppp."

By the second time she sang the ABCs I started to giggle with my eyes closed. It was just too cute to not react.

When the third time came I realized that there was no turning back to sleep. I had no choice. I not only needed to wake up but needed to nuzzle Sarah with kisses and hugs because this was just so stinkin' adorable.

As tired as I was this morning desperately seeking more sleep I couldn't resist her tickles, giggles and singing. Again, it's amazing the abundance of energy this spitfire child of mine has.

What else is a mommy to do? Yawn, stretch and wake up to the sweet sound of an adorable little voice and happy child and pray caffeine as soon as possible.

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