Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Morning Moment of Reflection from Weekend Past

Much time in the sun
Making most of Summer left
Swings, slides, time with friends

Visit to the zoo
Feeding, petting animals
And pony ride too

Short tempered mommy
And impatient two-year-old
A rough day for both

Summer fun with friends
Running, jumping and skipping
Drawing much with chalk

Rekindled friendship
A lot of time in between
Together again

Playground and lunchtime
Sarah meeting Adrienne
Great time all around

September baby
Another year fast, gone by
Celebrating time

Daniel and Sarah
Helped me start another year
Awesome day for all

Surrounded by love
Birthday kisses and wishes
Thankful, happy, blessed

Delicious cupcakes
Wishing for health, happiness
Blowing out candles

Hours at playground
Much time with family, friends
Enjoying cool breeze

New diet starts now
It's time to get back on track
Here's to health, long life


  1. So great to play yesterday and be part of the weekend!

  2. It was great spending time with you and Asher as well. So much fun.


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