Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Mommy Must: Clear Shower Curtain

Just after Sarah was born I was advised, and can't remember by who, to purchase a clear shower curtain.

As most moms know, especially within the first month after baby is born, showering for us falls at to low rung on the ladder of tasks that need to be completed. For me, I was either just too tired dragging my face, constantly being spit up on after nursing or Sarah just refused to sleep long enough during the day hours for me to hop in for a cleaning.

Some of you reading this are nodding along in agreement while others likely may be say "ewwwwwwwwww, gross." If anything, I managed to get in a shower every other day and showered at night when exhaustion didn't fully knock me out by the time I was ready.

Therefore, to help with my shower challenge the clear vinyl shower curtain became my opportunity for necessary renewal and replenishment, and clean. I was able to put Sarah in the bathroom or just outside the doorway in a bouncy seat, exersaucer or behind a gate with toys, books, etc. The fact that she could see me while I ran my head under the water and could talk to her with her seeing me made showering much easier.

Even now, when I am with Sarah in the morning and Daniel is sleeping, while Sarah is playing in the living room across from the bathroom, I still use my clear shower curtain to keep an eye on her while I am showering.

Just know, you don't have to replace your existing shower curtain. Add the clear curtain next to it. On days when she's asleep or being watched by Daniel or someone else I can still draw my favorite opaque curtain for a calm and reassuring, longer shower.

Moving on, as Sarah has gotten older and loves to splash, and splash hard, in the bathtub I have recently been placing the shower curtain in front of her and me during bath time so that I can see her while she's having a ball but also trying to avoid getting soaked. Some days I don't mind it but on others where I am already dressed for the gym, need to run an errand or just don't want to get wet the clear shower curtain has worked wonders.

The best part about the clear shower curtain, besides it being easy to clean, is that it's an easy, affordable solution.

I highly recommend the clear shower curtain as a mom's salvation to more regular showering early on in their little one's lives.

Now lather up!!!

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