Thursday, September 2, 2010

Counting My Blessings

Just about every weekday morning Sarah and I together walk to her school.

And, on each day there is often something she says or does that gives me pause from life's hustle and bustle and time to momentarily giggle or be amazed.

Sometimes, Sarah excitedly points out the garbage trucks. Other mornings it's discussing the color of the cars that we pass. Some days, and I smile as I write this on my phone on the subway to work, as she also enjoys spotting the delivery trucks doing their morning drop offs. My favorite, and today was no exception, was the Tuscan milk truck. Every time, and it often catches me off guard mostly because I am still tired, Sarah says, "Look Mommy, it's the cow jumping over the moon."

Yes. On this milk truck, just like the nursery rhyme and picture on the wall in the children's classic book Goodnight Moon, a cow is jumping over the moon.

Today, was a day that she pointed this out and I felt the need and want to write about it. The innocence of children constantly amazes me. And, what they retain and communicate is many times interesting and funny.

There are many times in life we just walk as fast as we can not really focusing on our surroundings trying to get from point A to point B. Sometimes this is different when we are on vacation, which is not that often throughout the year. While I still often times rush from one place to another I do try to savor my time with Sarah focusing on life moving around us and moving along with it. Often times I share with her what I see, and she does the same.

For me it's easier said than done to say I will slow down and breathe it all in. (That's why I decided to start taking yoga). Thankfully, when I am with Sarah it's a constant reminder that even the little and insignificant things around us have purpose and value, and therefore, I try to slow down and take them in with her.

Looking back at photos last night of Sarah during her first couple of years I can't believe that she's not a baby anymore. She will always be my baby but seeing how much she has grown and developed and how much she smiles and laughs through life I thank G-d for her. And, with a lump in my throat and tears easily ready to fall (but they don't as I restrain) I write this with a smile on my face, for the life Daniel and I have created together and the significance Sarah has brought to it is special and sacred.

Children have an incredible innocence and power. To feel love for a child is a love like no other. And, to share in the joys of Sarah and our life together, the three of us and Sammy (the cat), I count my blessings and say thank you.

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