Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rise and Shine: Too Early for Mommy

I wrote a blog post a little over a month ago on how adorable and cute it was when Sarah woke up in the morning, especially when I was not yet ready to rise, her playing in her room, talking to herself and stuffed animals and figurines, reading books and playing with her toys. I would still lay in bed with my eyes half open giggling every so often listening to Sarah as I slowly got ready to drag my tired body out of bed hearing her adventures.

Well, I jinxed myself.

For well over a month now Sarah has been getting up around 6:00am saying as loud as she possibly can "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy." She would go on like this for a little while (me hoping she would just fall back to sleep). When I was not quick enough, Sarah would then change it up and start saying "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy."

It was too good to be true. Let's just say I have already been up for over two hours this morning. Ugh.

Eventually, I would drag myself out of bed and tend to Sarah. Thankfully, there is a couch in her room and I would try to get a little more sleep in there while she would tuck me in with her blankets, try and get my attention, cover me with her stuffed animals, or crawl into the blankets next to me and actually sleep just a little while longer (I love this part).

And, since Daniel has been heavily in the throes of writing a book entitled Amazing Android Applications for Dummies working crazy, late hours on top of his already existing freelance work I have been getting up with Sarah in the early mornings since he many times retires to bed at the wee hours of the morning after a long day of writing and editing. (Wow, this really a run on sentence).

The light will be at the end of the tunnel when Daniel's final deadline approaches near Thanksgiving. Thankfully, this book is not a year-long project.

This is what partnership and compromise are all about. And, we are approaching seven years of marriage.

Fortunately, Daniel enables me to work in time for the gym and nights out with friends outside of my full-time public relations job. It's a crazy time for us and sometimes laundry or dishes (dirty and clean) pile up. In fact, I am now staring at several large bags of clean laundry Daniel did this week waiting to be folded. Yes, could I be folding them now instead of blogging. Sure. But typing requires less body movement then folding towels, t-shirts and sheets.

The good news is we get it done, eventually. I have to admit we are pretty great team.

Daniel and I also coordinate the occasional weekend day where I get to sleep in especially for all the early morning rises I do during the week with Sarah. Daniel recently said that I deserve to sleep in every morning for at least the next six years (which he then joked would likely never happen), but was indeed the truth. Let's just say that it's good that I am somewhat better about functioning in the morning where he is definitely the late-nighter in the family. This is especially good for when Sarah wakes up from a bad dream or otherwise unexpectedly. He still tends to be up working able to tend to her while I can continue to sleep.

Therefore, I want to apologize for not penning as many stories here on Mommy's Point of View lately as usual. After a full day at work, playing and caring for Sarah with Daniel, by the time the day is over, when I usually love to write and revel in the day's experiences good, bad and in between, I have been too tired.

So, today, as I yawn while writing this, I realize how much I miss writing and hope to get back into a groove again soon. Thanks for understanding.

Now, I must get to folding some of the laundry and get some work done as one of my client's is at a medical meeting in Europe this weekend.

I'm expecting today will be a caffeine fueled day.


  1. I can sympathize with you on so many levels. I too have a child that is going through a phase where she wants to wake up WAY too early (4:30 this morning). My husband and I work as a team as well to get things done and take care of my daughter. I work full time and usually work the night shift so my husband usually gets up with Kyla to let me sleep in a little. We tag team the chores but he does most of them. After working a 50-60 hour week and doing my work for my graduate classes there is not a lot of energy left to do everything.

  2. Chanel: I completely emphathize with you as well. Thanks for sharing your experience here at Mommy's Point of View. It's good to hear that other's know this experience and recognize the importance of parental team work. Good for you!!!


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