Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Moment's of Reflection

This past weekend was jam packed with super great activities with Sarah. It was a busy, energy-filled, fun time with friends and family weekend. Here's what went down.

Two zoos, one weekend
Train, animals, pony rides
Running, laughing much

Feeding parakeets
Excited and nervous too
Sarah so happy

Time spent with dear friends
Climbing, skipping, eating too
Lots of laughs by all

Carousel rides too
Several times around spinning
Always wanting more

Climbing a rock wall
Mommy and Daddy so proud
Sarah excited

Run, skip, jump and play
Making new friends this weekend
Loving outdoor time

Splashing in the pool
With her floatie and kickboard
Sarah loves to swim

Hope you are having a great summer and enjoying the super warm weather and local area attractions as much as we are.

Have a great week.

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