Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Moment's of Reflection

This past weekend was jam packed with super great activities with Sarah. It was a busy, energy-filled, fun time with friends and family weekend. Here's what went down.

Two zoos, one weekend
Train, animals, pony rides
Running, laughing much

Feeding parakeets
Excited and nervous too
Sarah so happy

Time spent with dear friends
Climbing, skipping, eating too
Lots of laughs by all

Carousel rides too
Several times around spinning
Always wanting more

Climbing a rock wall
Mommy and Daddy so proud
Sarah excited

Run, skip, jump and play
Making new friends this weekend
Loving outdoor time

Splashing in the pool
With her floatie and kickboard
Sarah loves to swim

Hope you are having a great summer and enjoying the super warm weather and local area attractions as much as we are.

Have a great week.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rise and Shine: Too Early for Mommy

I wrote a blog post a little over a month ago on how adorable and cute it was when Sarah woke up in the morning, especially when I was not yet ready to rise, her playing in her room, talking to herself and stuffed animals and figurines, reading books and playing with her toys. I would still lay in bed with my eyes half open giggling every so often listening to Sarah as I slowly got ready to drag my tired body out of bed hearing her adventures.

Well, I jinxed myself.

For well over a month now Sarah has been getting up around 6:00am saying as loud as she possibly can "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy." She would go on like this for a little while (me hoping she would just fall back to sleep). When I was not quick enough, Sarah would then change it up and start saying "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy."

It was too good to be true. Let's just say I have already been up for over two hours this morning. Ugh.

Eventually, I would drag myself out of bed and tend to Sarah. Thankfully, there is a couch in her room and I would try to get a little more sleep in there while she would tuck me in with her blankets, try and get my attention, cover me with her stuffed animals, or crawl into the blankets next to me and actually sleep just a little while longer (I love this part).

And, since Daniel has been heavily in the throes of writing a book entitled Amazing Android Applications for Dummies working crazy, late hours on top of his already existing freelance work I have been getting up with Sarah in the early mornings since he many times retires to bed at the wee hours of the morning after a long day of writing and editing. (Wow, this really a run on sentence).

The light will be at the end of the tunnel when Daniel's final deadline approaches near Thanksgiving. Thankfully, this book is not a year-long project.

This is what partnership and compromise are all about. And, we are approaching seven years of marriage.

Fortunately, Daniel enables me to work in time for the gym and nights out with friends outside of my full-time public relations job. It's a crazy time for us and sometimes laundry or dishes (dirty and clean) pile up. In fact, I am now staring at several large bags of clean laundry Daniel did this week waiting to be folded. Yes, could I be folding them now instead of blogging. Sure. But typing requires less body movement then folding towels, t-shirts and sheets.

The good news is we get it done, eventually. I have to admit we are pretty great team.

Daniel and I also coordinate the occasional weekend day where I get to sleep in especially for all the early morning rises I do during the week with Sarah. Daniel recently said that I deserve to sleep in every morning for at least the next six years (which he then joked would likely never happen), but was indeed the truth. Let's just say that it's good that I am somewhat better about functioning in the morning where he is definitely the late-nighter in the family. This is especially good for when Sarah wakes up from a bad dream or otherwise unexpectedly. He still tends to be up working able to tend to her while I can continue to sleep.

Therefore, I want to apologize for not penning as many stories here on Mommy's Point of View lately as usual. After a full day at work, playing and caring for Sarah with Daniel, by the time the day is over, when I usually love to write and revel in the day's experiences good, bad and in between, I have been too tired.

So, today, as I yawn while writing this, I realize how much I miss writing and hope to get back into a groove again soon. Thanks for understanding.

Now, I must get to folding some of the laundry and get some work done as one of my client's is at a medical meeting in Europe this weekend.

I'm expecting today will be a caffeine fueled day.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Moments of Reflection

On a day off today from work filled with chores, errands and, thankfully and necessarilyy, a trip to the gym for an awesome dance class, I am behind on sharing the weekend's moments of reflection.

Here goes.

Sunday rain playdate
Laughing toddlers playing well
Coloring, puzzles

Time at Little Gym
Rolls, leaps, rings and beam
Sarah, mommy, friends

Loving the playground
Making the most of summer
Catching all the rays

Mommy and Daddy
With Sarah in the playground
For hours on end

Sadness on Sunday
Mommy went to funeral
Sarah, Daddy time

To end on good note
Morning jumps in the puddles
On the way to school

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Morning Moments of Reflection

This Monday's Morning Moments of Reflection from the Weekend (in Haiku) include:

A mommy night out
Celebrating friend's birthday
Summer fun and laughs

Early morning rise
Mommy sleepy and tired
A long sunny day

Time with my sister
Chasing, playing with daughters
Summer fun success

Two giggly toddlers
Cousins playing together
Loving each other

A party with friends
Indian independence
Great celebration

Enjoyed time with friends
Delicious Indian food
Daniel devoured

Daniel writing much
Book is keeping him busy
First major deadline

End of day Sunday
A major Sarah meltdown
Asthma kicking in

Really good weekend
Time with friends and family
Lots of summer fun

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mommy Confessional: Am I a Good Parent?

As many of you know parenting children is hard work. There are many times we experience great and wonderful moments and some instances (where we don't like to admit) that there are some not so super situations too.

So, considering this, I have decided to institute a specific topic entitled "Mommy (and Daddy) Confessionals" every once in a while. This is designed to help remind us that as parents there are many of us that ride in this boat. Parenting is a tough job and every day or every moment is not always as we hope it to be. Children have bad days and meltdowns, and we do too.

I encourage you to come by and share your confessions and experiences here at Mommy's Point of View, or share with me via email, as I have come to realize that sharing these instances and learning from them is cathartic, therapeutic and eye-opening.

So, here goes.

Well over six months ago I did something I was not readily willing to admit, except to my husband. Since then, I have told my mom (and got much consoling) and recently with some close friends (not yet parents but who gave me their honest opinion giving me peace of mind). In fact, writing this now seems silly but still I think it's important to share since we are all human. We make mistakes. We just have to find the lessons in them and learn from them.

Sarah and I were gearing up to go somewhere by car. I don't remember exactly where we were going, whether it was a kid’s party, play date or a routine trip to the grocery store.

Sarah happily climbed into her car seat. At the time I must have been too tired, fumbling with a bunch of bags, distracted by our surroundings, or some other reason (for no good reason).

With both of us in the car, mirrors adjusted, key in the ignition, I proceeded to pull out of the parking garage. Sarah and I were chatting and started listening to music, all of which were part of our routine.

As I pulled out of my spot, having gone a very short distance before the exit my heart then skipped a beat. I had only then just realized that while Sarah was in her car seat, I (the parent) failed to buckle her in.

Panicked by what happened (thinking of what could have happened had I not realized and continued driving with risk of a potential accident), beating myself up for forgetting this important safety precaution, I immediately stopped, pulled the car over, put the hazard lights on, and buckled Sarah in.

I then told Sarah, as if a two-year-old could really comprehend this, to make sure that in the future she reminds me that we are both in our seat belts.

What I am about to say is going to sound dramatic, but when this experience happened, on the verge of tears, the internal torment began. Beating myself up continued throughout the day until I came home and shared what happened with my husband.

Realizing now, this situation was an innocent and honest mistake one that I have to admit is with me each and every time Sarah and I get in the car. I have not missed a beat regardless of reason when buckling her in and have stopped beating myself up about it. I learned and moved on.

Sometimes it takes certain experiences, and thankfully this was not a harmful situation (counting my blessings) to set us straight.

Any confessions you want to share?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sarah as Guest Toddler Blogger

Hi there. It's Sarah here. Yep. It's me.

I am Mommy's little monkey as she likes to call me (and I like it too) and have asked her if it would be okay if I could take a try at blogging and talk with you, say hello, maybe tell you some funny experiences and share my voice here. She writes so much about me and what I have been up to, and life as a parent (which really can be hard sometimes as I am not always so easy) and thought it would be fun to share my point of view from where I am standing at just over three feet.

Let's start with; I love Mommy and Daddy very, very, very much. They are the best parents ever. Mommy makes cupcakes, Daddy carries me on his shoulders and they both take me to the playground a lot.

Now, since this blog has been Mommy's confessional, and place to education, share, vent, laugh and self-deprecate, here are some of my confessions, experiences, challenges and accomplishments too.

As you can imagine, so much has happened since I arrived in this world well over two years ago. My brain is constantly in overdrive trying to soak it all in. Who has time for sleep, or much anyway? (Sorry Mommy that I get up so early everyday). There is just so much to learn, experience and enjoy and not enough hours in the day. I have been hearing this phrase a lot lately from the kids at school and on the street.

It's been so great learning numbers and letters, riding the swings and climbing the monkey bars, and splashing in the pool, amongst so many other things. But, there is much I am still learning including, for example, how to sit still long enough to eat a meal or not spill my milk and to listen better as I get so easily distracted. I really need to work hard on these, especially the latter. I am sure I will do better over time, hopefully.

Just once, I think Mommy wishes I could sit still long enough while we paint so that I don't get my crafty hands all over the furniture, walls, and her and me. What can I say? I love to get messy while being creative. Fortunately, because she knows me so well and how crazy and all over the place I really get, I sometimes need to sit in my booster seat with the tray so that I can go all out (Thanks Mommy). We have such a great time together doing arts and crafts and then putting up my creations in our (pseudo) gallery to then share with friends and family as cards and gifts.

I also like it when Mommy and Daddy say they are proud of me, which is very often. Yeah!!!

They cheer me on a lot of the time when I do something like brush my teeth, sit on the potty, put my shoes on or climb the monkey bars in the playground. To think, I thought these things were no big deal but they really do make me feel special. They are also very encouraging when I am trying to learn something new and are very supportive during this process. They help me when I ask for it but know I like to try things myself first (Miss Independent). In fact, I have been getting much, much, much better about putting my toys away and helping with feeding the cat.

I want to also take this time to say that I am sorry Mommy and Daddy for not always listening to you, pushing your buttons, jumping on the couch, and more. The list goes on, I am sure but I will leave it at this. Just know that I am thankful every day you are my parents and love you thissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss much. Thanks for loving me for all my quirks and giggles. I love you too.

My only requests (come on, you knew there had to be some) that I wish for would be to watch more television, eat cupcakes daily, spends hours on end at the playground and ride a pony at least once a day. Okay maybe the latter is not so realistic. My other more reasonable requests are to please continue to love me as much as you do, hug me and kiss me as much as you do, make me laugh and be goofy as much as you do and play, play (teach), play with me for a good long time.

Oh this has been so much fun. Thank you so much for letting me give this a try. Let us know if you would like me to come back again some time to share life's comings and goings. I can try to convince mommy to let us do this once a month if you are interested. Oooh, I am becoming a writer at such a young age. This is so cool. Thanks again.

And, if you would like to regularly follow my mommy's blog please come and join as a follower. We encourage you to share your thoughts and feedback too in the comments sections of individual blogs as it would be such a great benefit to hear your thoughts and perspectives. Feel free to follow my mommy on Twitter (@carenbegun) and/or sign up for a feed service (e.g., RSS) or ask her to set up an email to you each time she, or I, post a new story. Email her at

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Morning Moment of Reflection

Another great summer weekend. Below are today's morning moments of reflection from the enjoyable and eventful weekend.

From a colonoscopy
Summer fun on hold

Summer afternoon
Easing into the weekend
Sarah water fun

Pool time with Sarah
Floaties, goggles and kickboard
Splashing all around

Friends fun this weekend
Playground time and pizza too
Laughing and playing

Zumba at the gym
A necessary workout
Fun shaking booty

Block party in L I C
Friends and jazz and bouncy house
Sarah had a blast

Engagement party
Fun to reminisce with friends
Toast happy couple

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Morning Moment of Reflection

I have decided to dedicate Monday mornings to a time of reflection from the weekend past. As a parent, as many of you experience, weekends are often so busy and packed that there is little time to think about what's happened, how much has changed or the awesomeness of life with a child.

And, being a rather chatty Cathy myself, I will be taking a less is more approach (my husband's mantra) and sharing moments of reflection as an opportunity to savor the experiences, which have indeed been captured with photos, but feel it necessary to share in words as well.

One additional point before getting started is that I will be sharing these thoughts in the form of Haiku -- the Japanese form of poetry. It's a writing approach that connected Daniel and I years ago and one that enables me to pack a punch with fewer words but greater meaning.


A Reflection from the Weekend In the Form of Haikus

Princess party fun
Museum, breakfast, sun with friends
Little girls dressed up
Princess and the Frog
Dancing, singing, twirling 'round
Staying cool laughing
Hot day to stay in
Organize clothes, Sarah's toys
Share, donate with friends
Princess and the Frog
Dancing, singing, twirling 'round
Staying cool laughing
Summer night outdoors
Pizza, princesses, salad
Family time fun
Loving her puzzles
Spread across the table top
Staying cool, learning
Tired from weekend
Reflecting on fun we had
Enjoyed summer sun

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