Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wake-Up Chatter in the Baby Monitor

Despite Sarah approaching two and a half, I still have a baby monitor in my room beside my bed to hear her. Even though she is just a short distance away from my bedroom, and I am a light sleeper and pretty much wake up to everything, I feel great comfort in knowing I can hear her in my ear especially on nights when fatigue for me is high.

What can I say? I like extra precautionary measures.

After Sarah was moved from her crib to a toddler bed and her ability to move around her room more became evident, I was in for a fun surprise one I did not expect and one that would bring unanticipated and appreciated joy.

Whether it is a restful night's sleep for me or a short one with much tossing and turning there is something so amazing about the sound of Sarah coming through the monitor in the morning even when I am yawning hard and begging for more sleep. Despite her wake-up times varying anywhere between 5:45am and 7:00am (ugh) she entertains herself by talking aloud to herself, reading her books with voice and conversing with her stuffed animals and other toys. And, since many of the animals and such in her room have names every so often I will hear her refer to them and know where she is in the room.

Sometimes, when I am so not ready to get out of bed in the morning, I just lay and listen to chatter through the waves of the monitor and often giggle. When this happens, and not every day, but most days, I tend to then look over at Daniel who is completely passed out next to me, usually because he was up too late the night before, to see if he is awake too to experience this sweet innocence and cuteness of Sarah. He tends to still be asleep and this is no surprise. Every once in a while he will be awake and we just look at each other and listen to our baby, chuckle together, and recognize that she is so smart and growing up fast.

There are times Sarah has me cracking up. For example, while she knows her letters of the alphabet she has not quite yet mastered reading words. However, because we read often and sometimes the same book over and over again she says aloud the story in her way. It blows my mind how her mind is working and her memory too. I couldn't be more proud of how much she is changing and growing and developing.

I have to say, if I could count on Sarah to wake me up this way every morning I would never set my alarm clock again as this is a much more fun and sane way to wake up from a night's sleep.

As much as I revel in a good night's sleep I often look forward to what morning has in store as far as Sarah's new adventures to start the day. I smile as I write this thinking of what tomorrow will bring at early dawn when she wakes with vim and vigor and a lust for life.

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