Sunday, July 18, 2010

Step2 Push Buggy: Get Repair Kit

We absolutely love our Step2 Push Around Buggy and have had nothing but wonderful memories playing with it with Sarah.

It was especially awesome when Sarah was much smaller than she is now. With her legs getting longer and the fit becoming more snug that we have begun to use it less and less and plan to hold on to it to share with neighborhood kids and possibly someday keep it for a new addition to our family should we decide to expand our brood.

Nonetheless, I have fond memories of this toy and believe it is a worthy investment. Fortunately, we were able to get a really great deal by finding at consignment. We used this toy for short walks around the neighborhood and especially for trips to the grocery store. Sarah really liked opening the trunk and putting in the groceries. Sarah also enjoyed storing her toys and them some too, which I would later find after the milk crusted in a cup or toys I had been searching would show up after turning our home upside down to find. It's funny because now this car's trunk is one of the first few places I check for any of Sarah's stored treasures.

Recently though I was sad to find that 2.5 million riding toys sold from August 1999 to March 2010 were recalled as the push handle was detaching from the car in some cases causing injuries to children. This recall only applies to the push cars that have a pin with a yellow knob, similiar to the one we have. Thankfully Sarah was never harmed in her car.

Fortunately, you can secure a repair kit to make your push buggy today safer for your little ones. Call for your free repair kit at 1-866-860-1887. I have since called the company and our kit is on its way in the mail in the next five days.

Drive and ride safely!!!

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