Monday, July 26, 2010

Sarah's Shaking Her Booty

I love, love, love to dance and have been doing so ever since I was a little girl. I would dance around the house, go to dancing school (thanks Mom), prepare and participate in recitals, perform for high school and college shows, and then for many years, dance my butt off in NYC clubs and studios all through my twenties and early thirties.

I still dance around the house much, and now especially with Sarah. As I write this I think back to her first year when I thought I was the only mommy to boogie and get down while she ate in her high chair for entertainment. It turns out that YouTube has loads of mommy's dancing for their little ones.

Once Sarah got older and started to walk, run and climb, I hoped so much that she, too, would develop an interest in music and dance. During her first couple of years she didn't really respond to music as far as body movements go. She loves music and enjoys playing with her many instruments. However, when it came to body movements, not much really happened.

Even though she has been exposed to many different genres of music it wasn't until Sarah watched the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog that things began to change.

This movie has been great to watch with its impressive musical arrangements. I also liked the story plot very much especially in that the main character's primary focus was not to find prince charming but instead to follow her dream.

And, since it is recommended to expose children to music with repetitive sounds and lyrics at a young age, as being a good part of their brains development, I had no problem playing the soundtrack for this movie in our house and car over and over again.

One day I said to Sarah, not really thinking about it, while we were listening to some of her favorite songs from the movie, that I asked her to shake her booty. And shake her booty she did. Every part of Sarah, her booty, hips, arms, legs and head were moving to the beat of the music. And, along with this came lots of giggles.

I stood their so excited, so proud and so happy while Sarah had the hugest grin on her face. My baby was dancing and she loved it. And I loved watching her enjoy this favorite passion of mine

now, whenever this CD is on, and some others as well, Sarah insists that we dance together. And, when I say let's shake our booty she goes into full body dance and movement. It's precious and priceless.

I believe all children should be exposed to music and dance. I am sure there is loads of research to support this as well. It's especially important if we as parents help to build our kids exposure to music and the arts where possible to help foster potential interest within them.

Many, many years ago my mother bought me a charm for a necklace that says Dance, Dance, Dance. I still own this charm and look back on it with great fondness and as a reminder of a passion I was so thrilled to be exposed to and find and great joy with as a young girl and adult. I plan to dance well into my old age, G-d willing, of course.

Have fun getting your groove on...

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