Friday, July 16, 2010

Kids Say the Funniest Things

This week while we were on vacation, after Sarah woke up really early one morning and I was so tired and not yet ready to be awake, she asked to go to the potty. Once Sarah said these words, at the same time it just so happened that I had to go as well (got to love IBS).

After she went potty it was my turn. As I sat there she stood in front of me, rested her hands on legs and said, “Mommy, I’ll hold you. Don’t fall in.”

I mean, come on.

I was laughing so hard while she was being very serious about helping me.

To help put this more into context, when Sarah and I are out in public, while she is learning to toilet train, there has been occasion where I have had to precariously balance her over a toilet seat having forgotten her portable potty ring. It's during these times that I say to her don't worry Sarah Mommy will hold you and not let you fall in.

Let’s just say I was awake at this point when Sarah communicated these words marveling in the cuteness of my kid and the constant reminder that our children mimic what we do, follow our lead, and are sponges to everything we say and do.

It constantly amazes me the things that Sarah stores in her brain that come out just at the right, opportune time. Daniel and I often say that she is going to grow up to be a comedian amongst other things including a flying trapeze artist, mountain climber and marathon runner.

I am often blown away by what comes out of Sarah's mouth and what she retains. And, I look forward to so many more moments like this that make me realize how much she is developing and growing up.

Enjoy the laughter that your kids bring because I know I do every chance I can get.

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