Friday, July 16, 2010

Kids and Play Figurines

Earlier this year around Sarah’s second birthday I was seeking out princess cake toppers and couldn’t find any that I liked or that were reasonably priced. I then came across two rubber princess figurines, not meant to be cake toppers, at our local Duane Reade, which were also packaged with a few small board books. It was then I decided to get these princesses to put on top of the cake I was making and give some of the books to the kids as party favors.

As a result, Sarah began to develop an appreciation and fascination for these small new friends and likes to talk with them, play with them and tout them around town.

I now totally get why boys love to play with action figures. Girls should be encouraged as well to shape relationships with these fun hand-held toys including action figures and more as they are great tools for imagination and communication.

Sarah’s collection of small and safe figures has started to grow. After seeing her play at her cousin’s house recently for quite a while with additional figurines not in her current collection we have since been adding more.

On vacation this week we were able to add to her brood through arcade games and such winning animals she has seen at the zoo or read about in her books.

It’s so great to see how much joy and happiness Sarah has playing with these characters and animals. She especially likes talking to them and moving them around and having conversations with them too. It’s fun to watch her language continue to develop as she communicates with her new toys and growing pool of mini friends.

I was inspired by Sarah’s play one morning this week while we were on vacation, which inspired me to write this blog. I sat watching her be fully embraced and entertained by her little friends stacking them on top of one another, lining them up side by side, and putting them one in front of the other.

All in all, hand held figures whether they be princesses, action heroes, animals and others are great toys for toddlers to play with, develop with and be entertained by. They also travel well and are great especially for meals outside of home at a restaurant and can be touted around town in a backpack or pocketbook too.
Re-think the bathtub duckies too if they want additional playtime outside of the tub. They, too, are part of Sarah’s growing collection.

I highly recommend including these types of toys in a children’s arsenal of fun as it is so enjoyable for them and to watch their minds work and create a means of entertainment. It’s amazing to me as well that even with a number of figurines Sarah still knows when one or more are missing from the lot at a time.

I plan to hold on to these treasured toys for Sarah in the future should she have kids some, and want to share her stash. We have also just started to introduce Sarah to some of Daniel’s former action figures and animals from his childhood that are not too small and in good shape for her to play with now.

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