Friday, July 30, 2010

What Matters Most?

Today's blog post does not focus specifically on life as a parent but instead on what I have gained as a parent and the profound lessons, understanding and appreciation for the love established since the birth of Sarah.

Therefore, when a colleague of mine from work told me she was going to Israel for a trip, a journey I have on my Bucket List to take in the future, I was in awe and inspired. I have often wished to make such a trip but have never made the time or gotten around to doing it making a hundred and one excuses.

When she offered to me, during her trip, to include a piece of paper from me filled with words of prayer and requests to be placed inside the cracks of the Wailing Wall I was touched and appreciative.

For those of you who may not know, (and let truth be told, I did not really know either -- I suck at history) that The Western Wall, which is also sometimes referred to as the Wailing Wall, is remains of the great Jewish temple, which stood for nearly 500 years. Herod the Great began rebuilding and adding on to the temple around 19 B.C.E.. The temple was not complete until fifty years later. After completion in circa 70 C.E. the temple was, only a few years later, destroyed by the Romans.

Why is this important?

The Wailing Wall, for Jewish people all over the world, and for others as well, has become a most sacred place as the temple itself was thought to be the place where G-d resides on earth. A tradition of placing prayers or requests written on small pieces of paper placed in cracks in the Wall dates back hundreds of years.

Therefore, when hearing of my colleague's pending trip and the opportunity to share some of my prayers and requests to be added to the wall, I was moved by the idea, and completely on board. Outside of the many trees I have had planted in Israel in honor and memory of loved ones over the years this was my next opportunity to find some kind of personal connection to Israel.

When it came time to put pen to paper (really, fingers to keyboard) I decided to write in the form of Haiku, a Japanese type of poetry that my husband and I bonded over early on in our relationship. This creative writing approach continues to be a past time that still remains a strong component of our lives. We believe there is a Haiku for everything.

While writing (typing) these meaningful and special words on a piece of paper I was reminded of how profound my life is not only because it's my life but because my husband and daughter are a significant part of it. I wish for my daughter, especially, many wonderful experiences, and pray daily for her health and safety.

With life being so busy it's sometimes easy to lose sight of what is important.

This opportunity with the Wailing Wall also reminded me of something my mom said to me many years ago while I was preparing to blow out the candles on my 25th birthday cake, which happened to be the same year my father was diagnosed with cancer. She said, "Wish for health and happiness." At the time, I thought of years past when I wished for a new leather jacket, a boyfriend, to make the cheerleading squad, etc. I was then brought back to the words my mother just uttered and it was then that I finally learned and understood what she had been trying to teach me all these years. It was like an epiphany.

For all the candles I have blown out since my 25th birthday, there have only been wishes made for health and happiness. Nothing in life matters most or has meaning without health and happiness.

Therefore, I wish you health and happiness and a long life with many amazing memories with your families in between.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When Toys Become Possessed

If you are laughing at this moment, after having seen the title of this blog post, you likely have either experienced something similar with your child's toys or just think I am plain old nuts.

A friend recently posted on her Facebook page that some of her son's toys were talking or making noises even when they were not being played with.

When I read this, it gave me a laugh based on my own past experiences as a child and with Sarah, and because it gave me a great idea to share this in a blog post.

Early on during Sarah's first year of life her Grammie and Papa gave her some great bath toy stuffed animals that also doubled as wash cloths. They made cute animal noises too.

So, considering the fact that these toys were meant to be in the water I didn't think twice about putting it in the washing machine for their first cleaning.

Quackers the duck and Clarence the Crab did well after their first soaking. Robert the Frog did not fare so well. It just so happened that he lost his voice as a result of the washing, or so we thought he did. We kept pressing his belly over and over again waiting for him to dry out and starting talking again but nothing would come out. Out of the blue with Robert resting on a shelf we would hear a "ribbit" sound, then again, and again, and again. He wasn't lying on top of anything or pressed against something causing the sounds.

He was possessed.

This went on for a while and Daniel then suggested that we just get rid of the toy.

Now, let me caveat, I am a sentimental freak. Once I name a stuffed animal or toy I am attached. There is personal connection. And, Sarah's grandparents gave her this toy. I didn't have the heart to depart with it. I also realized at this moment that just because Robert didn't speak didn't mean he was broken or any less lovable. He was just different. He was still great for baths and to play with.

Even though Sarah was much too young to understand it at the time I wanted her to keep Robert even though he couldn't talk and understand that he was still fun to play with despite his differences.

One day when Robert said ribbit, ribbit, ribbit one too many times unprompted, it started to get freaky. When asleep at night sometimes we would hear him in the other room. We would laugh each time this happened but then realized something needed to be done.

So, I woke from bed one night and wrapped Robert in a towel to muffle the unplanned, now somewhat more frequent ribbits. However, the one thing I forgot to do was mention to Daniel that I did this.

Since Daniel works from home it wasn't until much later in the day that he called me to tell me he spent a while trying to find Robert because the ribbit sounds just wouldn't stop and didn't know where to find him. Let's just say we got a really great laugh out of this especially when I told him what I did with Robert and where he was (just over Daniel's shoulder next our desks).

Later that same night it was decided that I would need to perform my first stuffed animal laryngectomy.

The funny and sad thing is, about a year later we purchased for Sarah a talking Kermit the Frog from a yard sale. Since it was necessary to wash him too since Sarah mouthed everything in sight, he too landed the same fate. (Sorry, Kermie). It then brought back a flood of childhood memories of one frog in particular that I had growing up that my mom had to mend way too many times over the years. I loved him so much, beyond words, that it broke my heart each time bunk mates from summer camp would put him outside or hide him where I couldn't find him (I still hold a grudge about this).

I'm guessing, it may be best not to get any more frogs (live or stuffed) especially since their fates don't often end well in my hands. However, Robert, Kermit and my childhood friend Frog are all still with us and forever friends despite some of their differences. They are still loved and will forever be appreciated.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Sarah's Shaking Her Booty

I love, love, love to dance and have been doing so ever since I was a little girl. I would dance around the house, go to dancing school (thanks Mom), prepare and participate in recitals, perform for high school and college shows, and then for many years, dance my butt off in NYC clubs and studios all through my twenties and early thirties.

I still dance around the house much, and now especially with Sarah. As I write this I think back to her first year when I thought I was the only mommy to boogie and get down while she ate in her high chair for entertainment. It turns out that YouTube has loads of mommy's dancing for their little ones.

Once Sarah got older and started to walk, run and climb, I hoped so much that she, too, would develop an interest in music and dance. During her first couple of years she didn't really respond to music as far as body movements go. She loves music and enjoys playing with her many instruments. However, when it came to body movements, not much really happened.

Even though she has been exposed to many different genres of music it wasn't until Sarah watched the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog that things began to change.

This movie has been great to watch with its impressive musical arrangements. I also liked the story plot very much especially in that the main character's primary focus was not to find prince charming but instead to follow her dream.

And, since it is recommended to expose children to music with repetitive sounds and lyrics at a young age, as being a good part of their brains development, I had no problem playing the soundtrack for this movie in our house and car over and over again.

One day I said to Sarah, not really thinking about it, while we were listening to some of her favorite songs from the movie, that I asked her to shake her booty. And shake her booty she did. Every part of Sarah, her booty, hips, arms, legs and head were moving to the beat of the music. And, along with this came lots of giggles.

I stood their so excited, so proud and so happy while Sarah had the hugest grin on her face. My baby was dancing and she loved it. And I loved watching her enjoy this favorite passion of mine

now, whenever this CD is on, and some others as well, Sarah insists that we dance together. And, when I say let's shake our booty she goes into full body dance and movement. It's precious and priceless.

I believe all children should be exposed to music and dance. I am sure there is loads of research to support this as well. It's especially important if we as parents help to build our kids exposure to music and the arts where possible to help foster potential interest within them.

Many, many years ago my mother bought me a charm for a necklace that says Dance, Dance, Dance. I still own this charm and look back on it with great fondness and as a reminder of a passion I was so thrilled to be exposed to and find and great joy with as a young girl and adult. I plan to dance well into my old age, G-d willing, of course.

Have fun getting your groove on...

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting Kids to Embrace Reading

I love to read books and my husband likes to read online.

Therefore, we have been very diligent about reading with Sarah wanting to instill this passion with her as well. We started from the very beginning of her life reading often to her.

As a child, I don't remember reading very much. I don't really remember reading much for fun during my teenage years either. It wasn't until an internship during my junior year of college that my passion for reading came about. It was like an epiphany. All the years past when I was in school if I had any free time to read it was supposed to be my assigned reading and text books or studying.

I got hooked on novels that summer and it's been a love fest ever since. I love the feeling of getting completely engrossed in a book that you forget what's going on around you or so wrapped up in characters that you feel you know them or want to be friends with them. You often hear people say that the book was better than the movie. I can say this with great truth. Sometimes I will hold out as long as possible to see a movie I am strongly interested in to read the book first.

I came across a blogging program sponsored by HarperCollins and the "I Can Read!" book series aimed at beginning readers, and had the chance to reflect on my experiences as a reader (more so on what I felt I missed out on as a kid from a reading standpoint) and how much I want to help Sarah experience the appreciation for reading that I now have as an adult and for her to embrace this means of education and entertainment early on in life.

Here are some of my thoughts, tips and experience on how to help motivate children to read.

Start Reading Early to Your Child
Soon after Sarah was born we were fortunate to receive a number of gifts including children's books of all different kinds. Daniel also has some books from his childhood as well that we pulled out of storage. We began reading from the very beginning to Sarah and I encourage you consider doing the same with our little ones. It's never to early to start reading to your child. They very much like the sound of your voice. So, even if they can't read or know what the pictures are or if you are not sure what to say, reading a book is a great way to start.

Read with Kids Daily
We read with Sarah daily at night before her bed time. As she got older we included different types of books to see what interested her most. Small hand-held board books were an excellent starter to introduce reading as fun. Sarah is two and a half and still loves mini board books given to us by a dear friend (Thanks Fiona) and she still loves to thumb through them and tell the story as she sees it with the pictures. Reading daily with children, and with sometimes the same books, children start to develop a comfort with them. Just the other day Sarah woke up in the morning and was reading one of her Thomas the Train books and she seriously was telling the story from the many, many, many times we have read it over and over and over again in her own way. I knew what page she was on just by what she was saying. It was so cute.

Try Different Styles of Reading
Consider the age of your child when choosing styles and titles that will be most appealing to them. In our experience with Sarah board books are best since she's aggressive with the pages and many of them are small in size for her hands to hold and turn pages. Some kids love bigger books or with thinner pages. For us, we considered books with lots of pictures and some words to start so that the books did not seem daunting at first. As she has grown the number of words on a page has increased and she is not overwhelmed when the pages are turned. Sarah even likes Reader's Digest and Prevention magazine for bathroom reading since these magazines are perfect for little hands to turn pages.

Bring Books on the Go
From the very beginning we took books on the go with us everywhere we went. I highly encourage never leaving the house without books for a stroll in the stroller, a drive in the car, a trip to the store, a visit with relatives or friends and especially for times out at a restaurant during meals.

Set Up A Mini Home Library
I was recently fortunate to get my hands on a great small book case perfect for storing books upright and immediately thought that this could be of great use for a mini-library for Sarah. The funny thing is that once I brought this piece of furniture inside I kid you not but Sarah said the word library. The deal was sealed. This bookcase would unequivocally store some of Sarah's many books.

Since Sarah's birth I have had books in many places in our house including another bookcase that stores toys as well. For a while she was going there a lot to sit and read. She also has books in her room in canvas bins, which we read before bedtime and in the morning. This new bookcase lives just outside of Sarah's room and she sees it every single day. She now sits on the floor next to it and reads on her own regularly.

Visit Local Neighborhood Story Time Events
While we have not done this, as Sarah does not sit still for very long, consider your local library for reading days. In fact, a local area Yahoo group I am part of does story time outdoors. Since most of them take place during the work week I have plans to conduct them on the weekend in the coming weeks not only for great reading, but for good opportunity to mingle and make new friends in the neighborhood.

Order Children's Magazine Subscriptions
Additionally, Sarah's Grammie and Papa have subscribed to a few children's magazines (e.g., Highlights) that come to our home in Sarah's name. She loves when new books arrive because it's like getting a new treat.

To learn more about HarperCollins Children’s Books check out more at the following link. They have published a number quality kids books including the classic Goodnight Moon (one of Sarah's favorites), Where the Wild Things Are, The Giving Tree and Charlotte's Web.

Having a number of books in Sarah's library I have to say that I was not familiar with I Can Read! It's a series of books for even the youngest readers that has been around well over fifty years ago including 200 titles such as Little Bear, A Pet for Me and Amelia Bedelia Collection, just to name a few. What I liked most about the I Can Read! website is that they help parents learn about what types of books are good for kids based on age, level of interest, etc. Check out more below.

I Can Read! Books

Become an I Can Read! Member

Please know that I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms blogging program to be eligible to get an "I Can Read!" book. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Step2 Push Buggy: Get Repair Kit

We absolutely love our Step2 Push Around Buggy and have had nothing but wonderful memories playing with it with Sarah.

It was especially awesome when Sarah was much smaller than she is now. With her legs getting longer and the fit becoming more snug that we have begun to use it less and less and plan to hold on to it to share with neighborhood kids and possibly someday keep it for a new addition to our family should we decide to expand our brood.

Nonetheless, I have fond memories of this toy and believe it is a worthy investment. Fortunately, we were able to get a really great deal by finding at consignment. We used this toy for short walks around the neighborhood and especially for trips to the grocery store. Sarah really liked opening the trunk and putting in the groceries. Sarah also enjoyed storing her toys and them some too, which I would later find after the milk crusted in a cup or toys I had been searching would show up after turning our home upside down to find. It's funny because now this car's trunk is one of the first few places I check for any of Sarah's stored treasures.

Recently though I was sad to find that 2.5 million riding toys sold from August 1999 to March 2010 were recalled as the push handle was detaching from the car in some cases causing injuries to children. This recall only applies to the push cars that have a pin with a yellow knob, similiar to the one we have. Thankfully Sarah was never harmed in her car.

Fortunately, you can secure a repair kit to make your push buggy today safer for your little ones. Call for your free repair kit at 1-866-860-1887. I have since called the company and our kit is on its way in the mail in the next five days.

Drive and ride safely!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Kids and Play Figurines

Earlier this year around Sarah’s second birthday I was seeking out princess cake toppers and couldn’t find any that I liked or that were reasonably priced. I then came across two rubber princess figurines, not meant to be cake toppers, at our local Duane Reade, which were also packaged with a few small board books. It was then I decided to get these princesses to put on top of the cake I was making and give some of the books to the kids as party favors.

As a result, Sarah began to develop an appreciation and fascination for these small new friends and likes to talk with them, play with them and tout them around town.

I now totally get why boys love to play with action figures. Girls should be encouraged as well to shape relationships with these fun hand-held toys including action figures and more as they are great tools for imagination and communication.

Sarah’s collection of small and safe figures has started to grow. After seeing her play at her cousin’s house recently for quite a while with additional figurines not in her current collection we have since been adding more.

On vacation this week we were able to add to her brood through arcade games and such winning animals she has seen at the zoo or read about in her books.

It’s so great to see how much joy and happiness Sarah has playing with these characters and animals. She especially likes talking to them and moving them around and having conversations with them too. It’s fun to watch her language continue to develop as she communicates with her new toys and growing pool of mini friends.

I was inspired by Sarah’s play one morning this week while we were on vacation, which inspired me to write this blog. I sat watching her be fully embraced and entertained by her little friends stacking them on top of one another, lining them up side by side, and putting them one in front of the other.

All in all, hand held figures whether they be princesses, action heroes, animals and others are great toys for toddlers to play with, develop with and be entertained by. They also travel well and are great especially for meals outside of home at a restaurant and can be touted around town in a backpack or pocketbook too.
Re-think the bathtub duckies too if they want additional playtime outside of the tub. They, too, are part of Sarah’s growing collection.

I highly recommend including these types of toys in a children’s arsenal of fun as it is so enjoyable for them and to watch their minds work and create a means of entertainment. It’s amazing to me as well that even with a number of figurines Sarah still knows when one or more are missing from the lot at a time.

I plan to hold on to these treasured toys for Sarah in the future should she have kids some, and want to share her stash. We have also just started to introduce Sarah to some of Daniel’s former action figures and animals from his childhood that are not too small and in good shape for her to play with now.

Kids Say the Funniest Things

This week while we were on vacation, after Sarah woke up really early one morning and I was so tired and not yet ready to be awake, she asked to go to the potty. Once Sarah said these words, at the same time it just so happened that I had to go as well (got to love IBS).

After she went potty it was my turn. As I sat there she stood in front of me, rested her hands on legs and said, “Mommy, I’ll hold you. Don’t fall in.”

I mean, come on.

I was laughing so hard while she was being very serious about helping me.

To help put this more into context, when Sarah and I are out in public, while she is learning to toilet train, there has been occasion where I have had to precariously balance her over a toilet seat having forgotten her portable potty ring. It's during these times that I say to her don't worry Sarah Mommy will hold you and not let you fall in.

Let’s just say I was awake at this point when Sarah communicated these words marveling in the cuteness of my kid and the constant reminder that our children mimic what we do, follow our lead, and are sponges to everything we say and do.

It constantly amazes me the things that Sarah stores in her brain that come out just at the right, opportune time. Daniel and I often say that she is going to grow up to be a comedian amongst other things including a flying trapeze artist, mountain climber and marathon runner.

I am often blown away by what comes out of Sarah's mouth and what she retains. And, I look forward to so many more moments like this that make me realize how much she is developing and growing up.

Enjoy the laughter that your kids bring because I know I do every chance I can get.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wake-Up Chatter in the Baby Monitor

Despite Sarah approaching two and a half, I still have a baby monitor in my room beside my bed to hear her. Even though she is just a short distance away from my bedroom, and I am a light sleeper and pretty much wake up to everything, I feel great comfort in knowing I can hear her in my ear especially on nights when fatigue for me is high.

What can I say? I like extra precautionary measures.

After Sarah was moved from her crib to a toddler bed and her ability to move around her room more became evident, I was in for a fun surprise one I did not expect and one that would bring unanticipated and appreciated joy.

Whether it is a restful night's sleep for me or a short one with much tossing and turning there is something so amazing about the sound of Sarah coming through the monitor in the morning even when I am yawning hard and begging for more sleep. Despite her wake-up times varying anywhere between 5:45am and 7:00am (ugh) she entertains herself by talking aloud to herself, reading her books with voice and conversing with her stuffed animals and other toys. And, since many of the animals and such in her room have names every so often I will hear her refer to them and know where she is in the room.

Sometimes, when I am so not ready to get out of bed in the morning, I just lay and listen to chatter through the waves of the monitor and often giggle. When this happens, and not every day, but most days, I tend to then look over at Daniel who is completely passed out next to me, usually because he was up too late the night before, to see if he is awake too to experience this sweet innocence and cuteness of Sarah. He tends to still be asleep and this is no surprise. Every once in a while he will be awake and we just look at each other and listen to our baby, chuckle together, and recognize that she is so smart and growing up fast.

There are times Sarah has me cracking up. For example, while she knows her letters of the alphabet she has not quite yet mastered reading words. However, because we read often and sometimes the same book over and over again she says aloud the story in her way. It blows my mind how her mind is working and her memory too. I couldn't be more proud of how much she is changing and growing and developing.

I have to say, if I could count on Sarah to wake me up this way every morning I would never set my alarm clock again as this is a much more fun and sane way to wake up from a night's sleep.

As much as I revel in a good night's sleep I often look forward to what morning has in store as far as Sarah's new adventures to start the day. I smile as I write this thinking of what tomorrow will bring at early dawn when she wakes with vim and vigor and a lust for life.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lead in Popular Children's Foods and Beverages

As a parent, and blogger, I have been on alert to product recalls especially those that could affect my child, and my family. I have to admit, before Sarah I wasn't as focused on this type of news and important information.
Being a parent has made me realize how very important these announcements are to follow regularly especially since there are safety concerns we must be aware of and there are also sometimes opportunities for refunds, exchanges and/or repair kits to help keep our families safe.

It's scary how many recalls there are with children's products. Having only been a parent for just over two years it blows my mind how many have come about in this past year alone and how many are not paid close attention to.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many groups and organizations that help to keep parents aware of product recalls to help us make quick changes and decisions to help keep our children safe, and in a timely fashion.

It should come as no surprise then that this blog post is about yet another series of important recalls that are important for you to know about.

According to the Environmental Law Foundation (ELF), an organization that improves the environmental quality for communities and consumers by providing access to information and the enforcement of environmental, toxics, and right-to-know laws, has issued a warning this past month. They filed a "Notices of Violation of California Proposition 65 Toxics Right to Know law, alleging that the toxic chemical lead was found in a variety of children’s and baby foods."

At first I thought, what is Proposition 65 (Prop 65)? And, how many others might not be familiar with it as well. To simplify, according to the Prop 65 news website, "in November 1986 California voters overwhelmingly approved an initiative to address growing concerns about exposures to toxic chemicals. That initiative became The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, better known by its original name, Proposition 65." Having since read this it's starting to come back to me now. More information about this can be found here.

I was most shocked to find that this lead accusation was in very well-known popular products including organic juices and foods including apple juice. Here is current list of products that have a lead risk, and parents are encouraged to stop using them.

According to ELF's website, a testing program they have found lead in food categories including apple and grape juice, packaged pears and peaches (including baby food), and fruit cocktail.

Therefore, this post is a message to you to look in your cabinets and refrigerator and see what products you have that are on this list and get rid of them and seek other safer options for you and your family.

Be safe!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Kids & Summer Bonding

I love to do arts and crafts projects around the house, and especially with Sarah. However, the less messy approach is what I prefer versus the more messier, which Sarah seems to like. Therefore, I was intrigued when Twitter Moms and Glue Dots® Adhesives approached me to get involved in a "Summer Bonding Project" with a glue-type product that is mess-free.

Let's just say my interest was piqued.

One we received our complimentary Glue Dots products Sarah and I got right to work on seeing what we could create together.

The first project we worked on together was created in time for Father's Day and Daniel's birthday. Sarah and I sat calmly on the living room floor surrounded by the supplies we were going to work with including the new Glue Dots.

While I have read that some kids are well able to dispense the dots from the handheld device Sarah at nearly age two and a half kept getting her fingers stuck to the dots or pulling out the paper from the device. So, we took a slightly different approach. I started to make shapes with the dots and then let Sarah choose, on her own, various colored pom poms to place on top of the dots.

What I appreciated most about this new glue tool was that it was not messy and we could go at a comfortable pace not worrying about glue getting everywhere or drying out.

When we completed a heart, for example, Sarah wanted to do more, and more, and more. We got to tracing out her hands and feet and other objects with the Glue Dots. She and I were having fun...a lot of fun.

The Glue Dots designed more for arts and crafts projects seem better to adhere paper to paper versus pom poms or glitter to paper. At first the pom poms stuck great, and easily. After a few days they started to fall off one by one.

I will say this, since my child really gets into her work and sometimes gets very messy, it was nice to see Sarah in a more calm state enjoying sticking things to the glue dot circles on the paper. It's was the most serene temperament I had experienced with her when doing a creative project.

And, I was not chasing her around the room trying to prevent her from getting her sticky fingers on the furniture, walls, etc. This was a fun and relaxing and creative project we could do together. I could see Daddy doing something like this with Sarah too. No fuss no muss.

The cool thing, too, about Glue Dots is that there are many types of adhesives under this brand for a number of uses including paper/photos, metal, wood, plastic, textiles, plastic, foam, and more. I am excited to explore new and interesting projects with Sarah, and for other household and creative projects in the future.

Here are some of the creations Sarah and I made together. We traced Sarah's foot and hand, did a heart and one project with no rhyme or reason, just pure fun. We also made a grocery cart out of a box and used the Glue Dots to add the picture she colored to the front.

For additional ideas to use Glue Dots check their Facebook Fan Page with cool projects from others.

Please know, I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Glue Dots blogging contest to be eligible to receive a $30 gift card. While it would be nice to win the gift card I was extremely appreciative for the opportunity to try out this product that I might not otherwise have considered, and happier for it.

For more information on how you can participate and learn more about this cool new glue tool click here.

Art projects are a great opportunity to bond with your kids too. Happy creating!

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