Saturday, June 12, 2010

Toddler Loving Kickboard Mini Scooter

There are many toys on the market for children that are not one size fits all. Some kids have longer legs than average while others have longer torsos. And, some products are not labeled correctly as to who the product is really best suited for.

In our case, Sarah has some ride on toys that are just not ready for her to ride yet despite the packaging saying she is well over the age limit to start. My somewhat tall toddler doesn't have long legs and; therefore, hasn't quite been able to reach the pedals on her trike/big wheel and it's been too hard for her to push the pedals for more than a few rounds on her tricycle.

Thus, wanting so much for her to have a toy that she can ride on and play with outdoors, I was on the hunt.

The good news, great news actually, is that I didn't have to hunt too hard. Fortunately, I came across a scooter by Kickboard USA. The product came rolling into my view thanks to one of Sarah's friends. At the same age as Sarah, I was so impressed by her friend whizzing around the neighborhood and with such ease that I had to look into it further.

I will say that I have been somewhat skeptical about scooters generally, especially for kids. They just seem dangerous. Then I started to pay closer attention to the kids in the neighborhood on all their different types of scooters and noticed some kids were not able manage their scooters well. However, for the scooters made by Kickboard USA I saw something different. These kids had greater comfort and control of this piece of machinery and my thoughts started to change.

At first I tried to see if there were any deals online since the scooter is on somewhat of the pricey side compared to other similar products. And, knowing how quickly our kids go through toys as they age I was hesitant to plunk down the nearly $80 for the possibility that Sarah may not like it or use it for a little while and then move on to something else.

Because Sarah's safety is the most important to me, and the warm weather is here, I decided to research the product further. The consumer feedback around this product, not just on the company’s website but other retailers as well, is glowing. I was most impressed when people said they bought other scooters and then later purchased a Kickboard.

We are now the proud owner of a Kickboard USA mini scooter and love it. I highly recommend this product for toddlers. My daughter is approaching two and a half and the product boasts a target age range of 3-5 year olds.

We are very, very pleased with this product. I have been talking about it in the playground and with other moms especially as Sarah gains greater control of her new, fun, favorite toy. Kickboard USA has created a quality piece of machinery and something I feel comfortable with my daughter riding. I do suggest though that you also invest in a helmet, without question, and also knee pads. There have been occasional falls when Sarah gets too excited and speeds up and the extra protection has been well worth it.

Enjoy getting around town on new wheels with your kids.

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