Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cleaning House: Green and Non-Toxic

This is my week to praise products I have been so incredibly happy with. And, no, I have not been paid by any company to write this blog post. I am truly a happy customer wanting to share my experience to help you.

It's also time for another mommy admission.

I am not a clean freak. (Sorry Mom. Why didn't I develop this gene from you?)

My daughter is approaching two and a half and only recently did I finally wake up to the fact that it's really important to use safe cleaning products in our home especially considering that little hands are touching many surfaces all around the home.

I will say that all of my existing cleaning products, those filled with harsh chemicals, are indeed behind gated doors and cabinets; however, they are not safe for children.

With seeing so many green products on the market I decided it was time to start researching and looking into what were best recommendations. As part of my search, I found online at a product line they sell called Babyganics. All, and I mean all, of their products are green, and non-toxic. I have not seen other green products on the market that can boast this non-toxic label.

So, instead of beating myself up about what I have not done to date as far as the right cleaning products in my home, I decided to take action and make a change moving forward.

While green products do tend to cost a bit more than the average I have to say the prices of Babyganics prices are worth it. Also, as in my experience with, you can find coupons every so often to help bring the price down.

For me, I feel tremendous confidence and comfort in the products now cleaning my home. I have come to realize that clean doesn't have to have an ammonia-like smell. Unscented products that are non-toxic, if heaven forbid ingested, do a quality job cleaning up stains and spills, and are safe.

Since using The Grime Fighter and Floors to Adore products I have been so much more comfortable when food falls off Sarah's plate onto the table, or sometimes the floor (yes, this does happen), and she puts it into her mouth. I also feel more comfortable when Sarah is in the tub thanks to Babyganics' Tub and Tile Cleaner, which is easy to use.

One aspect of the product that what a huge coo for me too, once I started using it, is the fact that when you spray the nozzle a good amount of product comes out and the stream covers a good amount of surface. Sometimes you only need one squirt.

I highly recommend Babyganics products. I even just processed another order last night on and got a buy one get one free offer for purchasing at least two other like products. I was very happy about this.

Clean and be safe.

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