Sunday, June 6, 2010

Child Proofing: An Ongoing Process

When I woke up this morning I thought it was strange and odd that Sarah was not talking in her room as much as she usually does at this time of early play. When I started to hear her move around more and more without talking I started to get suspicious.

And, suspicious is exactly what I should have been indeed.

I walked into her room slowly, and she was standing, more so hiding, inside her portable, canvas play house. Then I noticed that she had a black marker spot on her foot and was standing way too quietly.

Then, I looked around the room and noticed that Sarah managed to climb to the top of her changing table, which is attached to the wall with screws, and saw that she managed to get her hands on the marker, might I add permanent, for labeling her clothes in a jiffy amongst other things we use for diaper changes. All of this was located on a shelf on the wall way up high from the floor.

What happened next I was not planning to expect. As I lifted the house over Sarah's head there she stood face and knees covered in black permanent marker. She managed to scribble all over her knees and across her beautiful face.

I looked around further to see where else the markings may have landed and breathed a little more easy thankful that it did not land on her furniture, stuffed animals, toys, books, carpet, etc. It's very likely that as the days progress I may find some markings that are currently hidden that I can’t find now.

After taking a really big deep breath I said to myself that the changing table was officially done and soon to be gone. It needed to be moved from Sarah's room for good. While we use it much for storage and the occasional diaper change now that Sarah is learning to potty train it's not worth the risk of injury and such to keep it in there.

I then knelt down to Sarah and began to explain mommy’s upset by what she did, kept my composure and did not yell. In this moment, and many more there after, I realized that she is only two-years-old and doesn’t know better. We have to know that as much as our children are bright and growing they are still children and still active mischievous and explorative. So, getting mad in this instance was going to do her and me no good. I have to honest, had the marker landed in other spots of her room and on her belongings I might have been way more upset.

I then proceeded to scrub and scrub to get as much of the marker off of her body. Fortunately, what's on Sarah’s face as far as marker goes is much, much less and almost gone. As far as her knees goes I can't say the same. It looks like now she now has bruises on her knees. There will be many baths in the coming days to scrub further to remove.

As parents it is imperative we proof the space our children play and sleep in for safety reasons so they don't harm themselves in any way. And, since we know our child better than anyone we must check on these spaces often to make sure they continue to be safe as they grow and further explore.

For me, knowing how much Sarah is a monkey or future trapeze artist there is no way moving forward her changing table can remain in her room unless I develop some carpentry skills to attach doors to the front or buy a new piece of furniture. So, for now, the table is out and another round of proofing for precaution has been done.

What a great way to start the day. Ugh.

Let's continue to keep our monkeys safe.

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