Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Recommended Children's Book on Tooth Care

I was recently offered an opportunity to review a new children's book called Melvin the Magnificent Molar and wanted to share with you my thoughts, perspective and recommendation of it.

Before sharing a review of this book with you I wanted to have some time to read it with Sarah to gain her perspective as well.

First, this book is extremely informational and delivers messages about proper tooth care in a way that is easy for children to understand. Second, with all of the illustrations within the book, especially of the teeth, it became easy for Melvin, the main character, to become someone Sarah could relate to because he was no longer an inanimate object. Melvin became part of a new relationship with Sarah, one that she has been enjoying each time we read this book.

The first few times Sarah and I read this book together she didn't really care for it. I thought maybe it was because there were more words and illustrations on each page and that it might have been much for her to process. I realized that some of her more recent books are just as full of text so realized this likely wasn't the case. It's possible that for my child, and likely for others, it takes time to warm up to books and have then become fond friends.

I am happy to report that after a couple of weeks of reading, Melvin has become Sarah's friend, and a book she wants to read now daily.

There is one part in the book where Melvin feels like a movie star getting his picture taken now that he has gone to the dentist and gotten the royal treatment he deserves. Sarah now insists that she must get her camera and take pretend pictures of this page every time we read this section.

I do have one complaint about the book. When it comes time to introduce the dentist, instead of what I hoped for, a man with a big smile and white coat was instead a gray shadow. I perceived it as scary for Sarah and she did as well. In fact, she doesn't particularly like this page of the book and quickly turns the page. While Sarah has been to the dentist before, now she doesn't want to go. This; however, I believe is an age thing as she doesn't want to go to her pediatrician either. Let's just say I fully intend to bring this book with us for Sarah's next check-up.

My only note to the authors of this great new read is if there are plans for creating additional copies or future editions maybe the dentist can be modified, if possible, to appear happier and less scary.

There are two additional, positive things I wanted to point out that I liked very much. There are helpful tips included on the last page specifically for parents as well as an opportunity to make a donation to support children in need of dental care while being able to secure a certificate for lost teeth from the tooth fairy.

I highly recommend Melvin the Magnificent Molar and look forward to continuing to read this with Sarah in the future.

Happy reading.

Please know that I received a complimentary copy of this book to read and review and share my perspective. Hope it was helpful.

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