Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Recognizing Parental Differences

Last night I was talking with a mommy friend of mine on the phone and had a realization during our conversation. She and I both consider ourselves crafty, and like very much doing art projects with our toddler daughters.

During our chat we laughed too when I told her that what I most wanted for Daniel to do this Mother's Day was to make a card with Sarah for me.

I know this sounds cheesy as there are many beautiful cards in the stores he and Sarah could choose from with the right sentiment that will make me feel special and loved. But, cards made by Sarah are just that much better. For dear friends and family who have been fortunate to receive an original creation by Sarah know that they are really special. In fact, for all occasions, and sometimes non-occasions, we have gotten into the habit of sending these special treats in lieu of store-bought cards. Not only are they sentimental but they are also more cost-effective versus store-bought cards, which can really add up in price.

So, since Daniel is a technology junkie who lives and breathes technology personally and professionally, I innocently suggested that maybe he makes a card with Sarah on the computer where she could move the mouse around with various programs such as paint and add pictures, draw lines, include shapes, etc.

I then realized even more, that I am the crafty and creative one and I should not fault Daniel for not having this as an area of interest. There are many amazing activities that he has with Sarah that are just between the two of them, and that is what makes it special. Art projects with mommy and Sarah are one of our many special things.

I married Daniel for many reasons including what we share in common as well what makes us very different. For the latter especially, it's what makes him “him” and special too. Then it got me to thinking that when you give a gift you don’t expect the same in return. The same should go for cards and other sentiments.

Whatever it may be, whatever it is I get this Sunday for Mother’s Day, regardless, I know that I am loved and appreciated by my husband and daughter.

Being a mom has brought out many amazing and great qualities in me and some not so great character traits too. Through it all the love is GREAT and beyond words. And, whether it’s in a card, a kiss, a giggle, a hug or even a haiku, the sentiment will be there, and I will love them all the same.

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