Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Appreciation and Haiku

While today is a designated holiday to celebrate us moms, it is one of many days throughout the year that we should toast as well to the accomplishments we have experienced, the sheer beauty of either bringing to life our children or adopting them and providing them the family they needed.

Today is a reminder of what we do as parents, how much we do, how hard parenting can be, how much we love and how hard we love our children little and grown up.

My day today was an incredibly special one and not just because it was Mother's Day. With a beautiful card made by my daughter and a sentimental poem written by my hubby that both made me cry not just once but twice, I recognize how I am truly blessed to be loved by the two people who matter most to me, as well as by my dear friends and family.

I wish everyone what I have been fortunate to be blessed with and that's love, happiness and good health.

Happy Mother's Day today, tomorrow and always.

Of the many things that I share with my husband one of them is writing, and especially Haiku. Here is a special Mother's Day Haiku for you.

Happy Mother's Day
love, happiness, presents too
by children adored


  1. Hi Caren! Stopping by from TwitterMoms. You have a lovely blog. I actually feel like I kinda know you because of your writing style. Well done!

  2. Very sweet! What a great Haiku. I agree, we are blessed to be loved and to be able to love our amazing families, aren't we!

  3. Christina -- thank you so much for your kind words. Welcome to Mommy's Point of View. Glad you could come on by for a visit. Looking forward to seeing you more often on the site. I am planning to check out yours as well.


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