Monday, May 31, 2010

5 Must-Have Fashionable Pieces to Pack for Every Weekend Trip

Packing for vacations and mini-trips, even over nighters, has often been a feat for me over the years. Interestingly, since having my daughter I have become less focused on what's in my bag than what is in my daughter's because I now have finally figured out what key elements are necessary to include each time to make any outfit work.

For out-of-town jaunts now that the warm weather is here, I always keep in mind the necessary pieces I must include that are versatile and easy. Even if everything else doesn't fall into place I am certain that there is at least one good outfit, or two if I replicate them, that fit well (especially as my body continues to change during my weight loss), are comfortable, and are my go-to outfits, being an active mom on the go chasing after my toddler.

Here are my five necessary fashion essentials this warm weather season to pack. Trust me, much more goes into my bag along with these tings but they are the absolute necessities:

+ Khaki or black capri pants
+ Metallic flats (that enable me to chase after my daughter) and go with everything
+ White short-sleeved shirt or tank top
+ Bright colored cardigan to add as layer if it gets chilly or there is air conditioning indoors
+ Fun pair of earrings

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Happy shopping!!!


  1. Lately I'm finding that a bright summer-weight scarf is a must have for the weekend. Good with capris and tank as a belt, or with flowy skirts and a top.
    I found a cute one on sale at J.Crew and hope to pick up one or two at the the Lilly Pulitzer Outlet sale next week...

  2. Caroline -- I love scarves. This is indeed a great fashion accessory. I wear them all winter and occasionally add light ones in the spring and summer. Have fun with it.


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