Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kids Have Boundless Energy

After returning home from a short and successful business trip last night, and missing my family very much, I got to enjoy hearing my husband's stories of his fun, yet exhausting experiences with our daughter while I was away.

It was so sweet and endearing to hear his enjoyment and excitement sharing his fun-filled full-time Daddy day. I could tell he was relieved I was home after such an action-packed day. He also said that as tough as it was to do it all on his own he looks forward to many more times now and in the future to have this special one-on-one time with her.

Warmed by this discussion, and after having to finish more work that needed to be buttoned up, I looked so forward to crashing in my bed and sleeping for at least six or seven hours.

Unfortunately, thanks to a cold and seasonal allergies kicking my butt and Sarah's, my hopeful, restful night was anything but.

Having woke a number of times myself during the night with a sore throat and stuffed nose coupled with Sarah waking up too left for a less than cozy night's sleep. Daniel got up to help with Sarah too and still I slept terribly and woke up feeling like I got hit by a bus.

Eventually, I stayed on the futon couch in Sarah's room as she was fussy. She then climbed out of her bed, brought over her her pile of blankets and hopped onto the couch with me and we tried to sleep some more. She kicked, she moved, she rustled around. By the time 6:00am rolled around I had enough of the accidental kicking and moving that I decided to leave her on the couch and move to her toddler bed a few feet away.

Yep. Uh huh. You betcha. The floor was not very appealing.

I stayed there maybe for a half hour while Sarah slept some more hoping, keeping my eye on her. I also hoped and prayed that I would not break her bed. I know it seemed silly but knowing that Daniel and I had sat on her big girl bed many times before for blanket tucking, back rubbing and bed time story time it seemed okay. And, it was. Go ahead. Laugh. Fatigue and illness makes us do silly things.

Later in the morning lying on the living room couch Sarah pet the cat and played with her toys. It's amazing the incredible amount of energy my "funny monkey" has. While I feel terrible and tired she is energetic and enthusiastic running around.

Thankfully, Grammie and Papa are coming for a visit today. Yeah!!!

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