Friday, April 16, 2010

Letting Little Ones Help

In follow-up to a recent blog post where I mentioned my unfortunate experience with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), I have something incredibly cute to share, if you can believe it that came as a result.

A few days ago my husband needed to be in the City for an event and I was picking up my Sarah from school. With daylight savings this also meant time in the playground before heading home for dinner. However, plans changed. I was hit with an IBS attack on my commute home from work and was desperately in need a finding a bathroom, and to be near one for the next few hours. On top of it all, Sarah got upset that I told her we needed to go home and that she wouldn't be able to play at the playground as mommy had a tummy ache.

Once home and settled into the bathroom I pulled out as many reinforcements to keep Sarah occupied and content. At one point I was really not feeling well and asked Sarah to bring me a pillow, which I like to rest on when there is pain. And, pillow she brought me.

Here's the cute part coming up.

Since this day, every time I am in the bathroom Sarah says “mommy pillow” and brings me a pillow from the couch. I tell Sarah that I don't need it at the time, but still she brings it. I let her bring it over to me, use if for a minute and then ask her to put it back.

Sarah never ceases to amaze me. I love that she is so caring and compassionate and interested in helping. She loves to help. As often as I can, I ask for her help. I believe it truly makes her feel special.

You may not think a two-year-old can help but they really can. Give it a try some time, many times. They will feel great reward in taking part. The fact that Sarah has this past request from me built into her memory it’s amazing to me that she remembers. It just makes me love her more and more every day. The cuteness, despite the crazy temper tantrums on occasion, is so rewarding and makes parenting by far the best job in the world.

Bring out your little helper.

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