Friday, April 9, 2010

Kids and Stickers

I don't remember much of what it was like as a kid to love stickers the way I see kids appreciate them nowadays. Seeing my daughter and her fascination for them is rather amazing. What I do remember as a kid was being at the doctor's office and being given a lollipop and like that today’s kids sometimes now receive stickers as reward for not only good behavior but for bravery in surviving the doctor’s visit.

Also, with many yard sales, swap meets and Good Will finds I have found over time it's no surprise to me that the appreciation for stickers is great all around. The reason I say this is because some of the toys, desks/tables, books, etc. I would find would be covered with stickers.

Seeing this I realized that I didn't want to have this sticker obsession get out of control in my home. While I know this sounds unrealistic and possibly impossible, it's a goal I have been working towards, and, so far so good.

However, where can these stickers possibly go, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

I noticed at my sister's house last year a large piece of paper on the inside of the bathroom door for her daughter to put up stickers while my sister was in there to keep her child occupied and entertained, and within her mother's eye.

It gave me an idea.

We live in a one-floor apartment and found a wall conveniently close to my bathroom and also to many other rooms in our home. The reason for this location too was that I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and sometimes, if Daniel is not home when Sarah and I are, and I experience an unexpected IBS attack and need the bathroom the wall for sticker postings is close enough where I can keep an eye on Sarah, manage her, and have her play, which is a great help to me especially during these times.

This wall became known as, and still is, The Sticker Wall. I often joke that it's the most expensive piece of paper in our home since well over a hundred or more stickers are stuck on it. This sticker wall has been great for other reasons too. Anytime Sarah has gotten stickers from family and friends, for special occasions and just-because situations they go into a special drawer that she knows of. When the time is right, together we go to the drawer, pick out stickers and play, play, play she goes.

Stickers are wonderful for children but they can also get out of hand. So, in addition to cards, art projects and notebooks that stickers can be added too, which Sarah does much of as well, a sticker wall is a good concept if you are trying to keep sticker management under control.

I am happy to report that Sarah does keep her stickers to the wall and art projects and notebooks. Every so often a sticker from the wall may come off and stick to the hard wood floor as Sarah likes to pull them on and off too. Also, every so often Sarah will wear stickers on her shirt; and I am perfectly okay with that.

It seems silly to waste money on something like stickers that get stuck up on a wall. However, since these sticky little pieces of paper bring such joy to my daughter, and others who receive her art work, I keep an eye out for affordable options, which are indeed out there. It doesn’t hurt that Grammie and Papa love to buy Sarah stickers and have found some great, affordable fun finds to give her. And, think about this, by creating a sticker wall for your growing toddler, the stickers can not only be a great activity over time but turn into a wonderful masterpiece to treasure.

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