Thursday, April 1, 2010

I've Been "Fooled"

This morning I was fully aware that today is April 1 and; therefore April Fools Day. I was convinced, and you know where this is going, that being alert to this I would not be baited.

Well, boy was I wrong.

Running late this morning, once we arrived at Sarah's school, signed in, dropped off; about to leave her classroom I hear over the loud speaker that school was closed today. I thought in that instant, wait, they must mean tomorrow since school is closed for the holiday. Then I realized, despite not having had my morning coffee yet, that I did indeed hear correctly. In that moment I did not think prank but instead, I can't be off today, too much work to do and, oh no there must be an infection or disease outbreak at school.

Go ahead; call me a crazy, anxious parent. But, working in health care with a fairly decent knowledge on vaccines and infectious diseases I thought, oh no there is some type of outbreak, which is not really unheard of with so many children in our country unvaccinated.

The good news is school is not closed today for Sarah. The great news is there is no virus spreading around.

I have experienced that this is not unheard of because many parents push beliefs or concerns about vaccines to not vaccinate their kids but what needs to be realized is that these treatments help stave off serious life-threatening illnesses that protect our children and all those around them.

Much more than a funny April Fools joke, don't you think? I did tell the school director that she "got me" and she also realized that she had to be careful how far she took the joke for the very reasons I was concerned.

Be safe, and laugh it off today.

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