Thursday, April 22, 2010

Impromptu Playdates Rock

This has been the week of impromptu play dates for Sarah and me too.

Working during the week and with Sarah in school during these hours I only get a few hours at most for us to spend time together including playtime, dinner and getting ready for bed.

However, with the warmer weather Sarah loves to be active and outdoors going up and down slides, riding the swings and climbing up and down everything. And, now more than ever she really enjoys time with other children too playing, especially those her age and older, playing with each others toys, running around, etc.

Last week I forgot one of Sarah's cups at a friend's house a drive away from our home. So, with the help of my hubby, he met me at Sarah's school with the car and I then took Sarah to our friend's house for a short, but very fun, and impromptu playdate. A playdate on a Monday early evening seems crazy for a working mom but I have to say it was kind of nice doing this on the fly and winging it. All in all, it was a good time. It's nice when things like this are not planned and work out.

As a Type A personality, I like it when things are structured, especially when it comes to my schedule. With children you really do have go with the flow. As a result, sometimes great fun comes from it.

Just the other day, after school, in the playground with Sarah and her best friend, the friend was just not ready to go home and we were still playing. I offered to Sarah's friend's mom (someone who I am friendly with as well), who also had her second child in a baby carrier, to go home and relax and that we could offer to keep an eye on her daughter while the girls played and bring her back home. We played lots of hide-and-seek and enjoyed the time the girls giggled together. It was a fun experience for all.

Sometimes I say to my husband that instead of having another baby it would be great to adopt an older child, or one close to Sarah's age, as her time together with these children is fun for her and us too inevitably. It's nice to see the relationships and strong bonds Sarah forms with these same age or older children and many times wish for a sibling for her.

Who knows...only G-d knows what comes next. I am just enjoying the incredible moments with Sarah now and making the most out of her being this age as I know she will grow up so fast before my eyes and it will happen so quickly before I know it.

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