Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Memories of Sarah's Birth

While in Washington, D.C. today for a business trip this weekend taking a break before dinner, on my laptop and listening to my iPod, the song Ave Maria, the acoustic version, started playing.

In a previous blog post on my birthing story this song was a significant part of my daughter Sarah’s delivery.

Well over two years later since Sarah’s birth this song still gets to me, and always will. Despite my labor and delivery being somewhat different than what I had planned for and expected, and getting a great and amazing child as a result, this song will forever be branded in my brain as a happy, constant reminder of when my life changed and she entered this world.

Of course Sarah being born should be enough for me to feel this overwhelming joy, and I do. It's just nice to have constant reminders not just when I am with her or see her photos or videos, etc. but to also feel it when I very much least expect it. I could be out shopping, driving in the car, or watching a movie and this song would come on and automatically I would be transported back in time to that amazing warm winter day.

Being Jewish, Ave Maria is not exactly a song I expected to become part of my listening repertoire. It’s part of a favorite relaxing CD that I listen to often, and did so much during my pregnancy. It didn't really mean much to me then, but boy that has clearly changed. I strongly believe that G-d entered the room during my emergency c-section and shed light while Sarah was safely being born when this song filled the air in the room.

This song reminds me too of at time when Sarah was a few months old. Daniel, Sarah and I went out to dinner with my sister and her family and I met a woman whose child's name was Ave Maria. At first she told me that she thought I would think that the name was silly. I then shared my story with her and she cried happy tears. It was a beautiful moment.

Let's all look forward to beautiful, happy, life moments.

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