Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dressing Up Kids Cups

At the daycare where Sarah attends it is required that her drinking cups, bowls and utensils be labeled with her name and date. I am totally in support of this and agree that it’s necessary since it’s easy to mix up cups and such when many children have some of the same items.

I am a label freak. Go ahead. Laugh. It’s okay. I am the proud owner of a label maker and use it often to mark Sarah’s food and beverage containers, amongst other things. For example, with Sarah’s cups, the caps are labeled with the label maker tape while the base of the cup holds pink reusable, washable plastic bands with her name on them. These forms of labeling tend to last a while and wear well with each washing.

However, since each of the cups needs to have a date on them too, it’s not cost effective to print out labels from the label maker and then rip them off daily. Instead, I use masking tape for this function. The challenge with tape for her straw cups though is that the designs on the surface have been getting pulled away by the tape.

Also, a few months ago Sarah didn’t fuss about her cups. She liked them. She drank out of them. But, when I bought some cups with her favorite characters on them for outside-of-school use there became greater interest in those cups then the one’s she used daily.

The good news is that with some great stickers that Grammie and Papa found that are more like decals Sarah’s cups have been brought to new life and with it came great excitement from Sarah. Each cup is different from the next and emblazoned with characters that Sarah loves. She will drink from anyone of these cups.

I am also happy because these cups have an even longer shelf life then I planned. Outside of replacing the straw parts when necessary I now can add and replace the stickers based on Sarah’s interests over the next year or two.

There are indeed great ways to save money and re-purpose what’s old with new personality.

Have fun!!!

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