Thursday, April 8, 2010

Daycare Dropoff

Just when I thought morning drop-off with Sarah at daycare was getting easier, things changed. The past week or so Sarah has been crying when I leave her despite all efforts to comfort her, and it breaks my heart.

She and I actually had a great thing going for a while. We often walk to school together, now that the weather is warmer, playing games. Once we arrive near school I ask her to show me where the front door is, which she likes to direct me to. She first tells me where the baby room is and then where the front door is. Then, she runs towards her classroom door pulling the handle down to get in right away.

Once in the room things change.

Some of the kids have gotten into the habit of running up to Sarah, sometimes several at a time, upon her arrival, and she becomes overwhelmed. I can totally see why this could be upsetting.

I love that Sarah is liked by her classmates but I guess I need to just try to get them not to crowd around her once she arrives. Daddy has experienced this as well and gotten into the habit of carrying Sarah on his shoulders, which she loves to do, and this has eased her a bit. I guess despite age children also need their personal space.

When it comes time for me to leave once I have settled Sarah into class I have worked out with her to go to the classroom's full-length window where we say our final "see you later." Most of the time Sarah brings along a few or more friends to the window to join in what has become our ritual. In fact, I think the other kids really like this as well.

I always focus my efforts on Sarah especially when she is surrounded by the other kids at this moment as I can see her get easily upset by the other kids enjoying this too. Some days Sarah blows kisses and smiles saying “that’s my mommy.” Today, she cried. My heart broke. I had to walk away seeing her be sad and cry.

The good news is that I have been told many times that within a few minutes after I depart she adjusts well and is happy and content.

What can I say? I hate it when I leave Sarah sad or in tears but have to remind myself over and over that she has a fun time in school and is developing well there. Let's just say that pick-up time is awesome. Sarah jumps up and down so excited to see me and it makes everything okay.

I often feel sad when I have to leave Sarah for work for many hours in the day, despite knowing she has a good time at school. Yet, I am always amazed at her excitement upon pick-up, and her not holding a grudge, but instead being so enthusiastic and happy to see me.

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