Monday, March 15, 2010

Kids and Clothing: Size Doesn't Fit All

Clothes for kids of different brands fit differently. When shopping, trading or bargain hunting for clothes for your little tyke keep in mind that it's not a one size fits all in that age category. Especially with kids of all different sizes and heights clothes for them do fit each differently. For example, my two-year-old wears 2T pants and 2T/3T tops, and still can wear a 24-month dress with a pair of leggings.

Sarah was an average-sized baby at birth and wore newborn clothes well into her third month. In fact, much of her clothes were big at the beginning. I often had to go out and get more smaller-sized articles of clothing as many, but not all, of the wonderful gifts of clothes we received were 0-3 months or larger.

I have come to realize that certain labels and brands fit Sarah better than others. For example, as far as pajamas go, we have become brand loyalists for Carter's. They truly fit the best by far and get many more wearings than other brands. I actually think it's funny. Some of the jammies we had in the beginning were like skinny jeans. They were so snug it was ridiculous on my potbelly baby. We barely got any use of some of these other choices.

There are many other brands that have worked well for Sarah too and it just takes time to realize which ones are the better fits. It really is a matter of trial and error. We have some clothes that are 24-months that still fit while there are some 3T shirts that are too snug. Go figure.

Also, since I was tremendously fortunate to bequeath clothing from my awesome niece who is close to Sarah's age, we graciously and happily tried many brands to see which brands and styles fit best.

When shopping whether it be retail or yard sales for your little one, consider all your options and know which brands and styles/cuts are a best fit for your child. You never know the great finds you will come across and those that will have a longer use if you choose wisely.

As we all know, kids grow so fast and they grow out of their clothes so quickly. So, if you are able to find brands or styles or cuts that work better you will get more use out of them. In my case, Sarah has an adorable potbelly and sprinters thighs. For her A-line, empire waist and low waist dresses work best. We also don't buy jeans with button closures but instead invest in stretch pants with elastic waist bands that get a great deal of wearing. Also consider what additional use you might be able to get out of existing clothing. We, for example, get much use from Sarah's stretchy dresses that may now be too short to wear on their own but gain new style with an added pair of leggings or stretch pants.


  1. Hi Caren,
    We're just about to launch a service called SizeTracker that helps parents find kids clothing brands whose sizing may fit their child best and to track how those sizes will fit as your child grows. In the meantime, I hope you'll stop by our blog ( for tips on finding kids clothing that fits.
    Stormy @SizeTracker

  2. Its so true, same size of different brands doesnt fit to kids exactly same.


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