Thursday, March 11, 2010

Color With New Perspective

Each morning when I take Sarah to school either in the stroller, or more recently now on foot, we have a new game we play. We live in a neighborhood with many cars parked on the street and name the colors of each of the cars as we pass them on the way.

What started out as basic colors, red, blue, white, green has expanded to light blue, gray, dark green, etc. Everyday, in fact, my husband and I infuse reference to color with Sarah as much, and as often as possible. At the age of two she's certainly in that developmental stage of seeing, identifying and appreciating color more now.

I love color. I often accessorize my clothes with color. I even enjoy a beautiful painting or picture or magnificent sunrise and sunset bursting with color. But, since Sarah arrived, seeing life through her eyes, I see color with new clarity. I see color differently. It's more fun, it's more noticeable and it's more present.

I often wear black, gray or brown and accessorize with bright colors. However, when I dress Sarah the thought of putting her in these colors feels wrong. It's so much fun dressing her in bright pinks, reds, oranges, greens and blues. Even her room is robust with color that now makes it the most fun room in the house to spend time in.

As a parent I have established a stronger appreciation for color through the eyes of my daughter. It's amazing the boldness of color when trying to explain it to a two-year-old. It's fun and rewarding to experience color with such happiness and joy for the excitement it brings. I love color, and likely will still dress the same way I do, but with Sarah I am blessed with an even greater appreciation for hues of all different kinds for they bring energy, enthusiasm, love, passion and excitement.

Enjoy the colors around you.

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