Sunday, February 14, 2010

Playtime Options Don't Have to Be Costly

This weekend Sarah experienced for the first time a children's museum. It was a most awesome experience for all involved. While we are pooped from the experience it was so well worth in more ways than one. It didn't cost much at all, in fact.

When these types of venues can often be costly it's hard to want to commit to something especially with a little one when you are not sure yet how they will react to or embrace it. It would kind of stink if you plunked down well over $30 just to enter plus drive a decent distance to get to the location, etc. to find that your child doesn't want to have anything to do the place or isn't old enough to understand or appreciate it.

We were very fortunate to find that some venues, like Children's Museum's, Zoo's, etc. have days and times when the rate for entrance is either reduced or even in some cases FREE. These are the perfect times to take your little tyke for a test run with out breaking the bank.

After making a donation to the museum upon arrival, which we were not required to do, be wanted to do, Sarah then jumped right in head first -- literally and figuratively. She was so excited and it was the kind of place where you don't really have to hold her hand (much) and she can roam and move around easily.

She had a ball and we laughed so hard. We also met friends there too with their little one Sarah's age and had such a great time all around.

The funniest experience, and there were many, was when Sarah played with the water exhibit. Let's just say that it was completely expected that she would be doused in water soon after she arrived. It's good that I came with two back-up outfits for this very reason. I couldn't help but share this hilarious photo of Sarah getting drenched and having such a great time doing it.

So, don't be deterred by great venues to take your kids too that might often seem somewhat costly or out of reach. Consider options where there are chances to save some money too. I am so thankful that these types of opportunities are out there. Now we know that Sarah will enjoy places like this and look forward to exposing her to more and more of them as she grows.

Consider all your options and what's available and explore about with your little one.

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