Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Often Forgetting Something?

Over the past two years since my daughter's birth I have left way too many cups, bowls, clothes, toys, teething rings, thermoses, and more, at the homes of friends and family. I used to think that it was pregnancy brain that made me this forgetful, and I still think it is. And, I am not pregnant.

The interesting thing is that I seem to most often leave Sarah's things behind. In writing this it sounds terrible but then think about it. When I arrive at someone's house, food and beverages likely need to go in the fridge. In the past if Sarah spit up, a clothing change was necessary and likely involved having to clean the item and hang it up in the bathroom. In other instances, most recently, Sarah would be playing with a toy and leave it on a window sill without my knowing about it until we were on our way home.

Recently, we went to a friend's party, and when it became warm inside I took off one of Sarah's clothing layers. Let's just say that onesie is likely too small for Sarah to wear now and; therefore, not something I have rushed back to claim.

I know what you are thinking. Write notes to remind myself. Tell people to remind me. I have done all of this. I go through post-it notes and pieces of paper a lot. I tape notes to my door handles or stroller as reminders. I have gotten better but now I just laugh when something is left behind. I go to great lengths to try and not forget anything.

Especially when I go to my sister or mom's house, where I pretty much can spread out everywhere, it's definitely likely something will be forgotten or go missing at their homes. When it's time to leave everyone makes sure now that I have everything before I leave. I am starting to think I need to keep a check list of all that comes into someone's house (ridiculous) that is Sarah's and check it off before leaving to make sure all is in tow.

I envy parents who don't feel they need to pack the kitchen sink when they travel outside their home with their children. I often feel it's necessary to bring reinforcements wherever we go, especially for car trips, however long they may be so that Sarah is not watching TV or videos but instead playing, developing and growing.

So, when favorite blankets, stuffed animals, toys, trains, crayons, books and food and beverages come for out-of-the house excursions, I just need to find a system to keep better track so that they all come home with us on the return.

The good thing is that the only things that get left behind, on occasion now, are just things. No big deal. This is something that has now just become something funny to talk about and conversation worthy to laugh about amongst friends and family.

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