Saturday, January 9, 2010

Parent Alert: Sick Kids Please Stay Home

I can't even begin to count how many times Sarah has gotten since in the past year, likely because she is in daycare. And, if I hear one more time that she will have a stronger immune system for it I am going to scream.

Many times I think what are we doing wrong that Sarah is sick so much. But, I really can't think of anything. She even loves to wash her hands. Such a great habit for children to have and one I don't have to fight with her on.

The reality is that being a toddler she still puts her fingers in her mouth and many times her tongue on toys and other objects. We have tried much to stop this habit and continue to try to do so. Bugs still continue to invade Sarah's body especially because at daycare viruses spread like wildfire.

Now I am going to rant for a moment.

To parents who send their children to daycare when they are sick, DON'T. Please be considerate of your child, their classmates and the other parents. Bringing your sick child to daycare or school puts everyone around them at risk for picking up illnesses and potential missed days from work. And, please don't pump them up with Motrin or Tylenol when they have a fever to mask their illness by the time they arrive at school as they will likely infect others.

As a full time working mother, I fully understand that flexibility is hard especially in this economy. I admit that I am fortunate to have a great company to work for who is family-friendly and who enables me to work from home on days when Sarah is unfortunately ill. With the help of my husband who works from home, he steps in to care for her on these days.

I know this situation is not the same for many parents where both work outside the home and some cannot afford or have the flexibility to be out of work. But please, please, please, I beg you. Think about it. If you send your sick child to school, there is a likelihood that you are going to get a call anyway that they need to be taken home and then you indeed will be out of work during their illness, possibly for more than a day, as they really should have been home resting at the start of their condition.

So, please be considerate and, for the sake of your child and others around them, please think twice and three times before you send your sick kids to school where viruses roam rapidly. Your sick child could get even sicker and others around then can fall ill too.


  1. I could NOT agree with you more!!! I have two babies home with bronchitis right now and last week both my hubby and I got the 24hr flu (after learning it was all over day care.... Sick babies should be home getting well!


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