Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kid Proofing Away From Home

It's often very hard to take Sarah to other people's homes, who don't have children, because we often feel bad when we have to move a vase, or a glass dish, or wine bottles, and much, much more to avoid her from moving something that may get lost or possibly broken, completely by accident.

There have been many instances where we have made plans to spend time with family and friends where we were fortunate for them to baby proof in advance of our arrival and remove any belongings, and especially sentimental and special pieces, out of Sarah's reach so as to avoid the possibility of breakage or lost items later to be found.

I know that it must be tough, even if it's someone you care about, to come to your home and have to move things around.

Parents can try as hard as they can to avoid children from moving something (e.g., candles -- just glad it was found Shari and Sam) even if you watch them like a hawk. But, if your child or children are anything like my little one, they are fast, very fast, and get things much more quickly than we can sometimes get at to avoid potential accidents or missed objects.

So, this blog is dedicated to all the wonderful family and friends who have, and continue to be supportive when we come for visits who either help to baby proof, or completely understand that we may need to move a few things around (which we always do put back in their place as best as possible). Thank you so very much.

Being a parent is hard work. Sometimes we try our hardest to keep an eye on our little ones, and even when they are right under our noses they can fall down, hurt themselves, or move something around with us not knowing where it went.

Thanks to all who are patient and understanding. I will always continue to offer playdates and get togethers at my home, so as not to worry about missed belongings or broken objects or efforts to baby proof. But, should you risk inviting us over, know that besides having a fun time with us, we may need to move a few things around, with love. Thanks for helping to ease this stress in parenting and that we will continue to try and develop quicker reflexes to stop our little one when necessary. And, we will continue to bring many toys and other things to keep Sarah occupied so that your objects become less of an interest to her, we hope. Just stop having cool things that are interesting and we should be in good shape. :)

Thanks for understanding.

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