Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crane Humidifier No Longer Working

In October 2009 I wrote a blog post on this site about my incredible appreciation for the Crane Frog Humidifier. But, less than a month after posting the blog our well-loved “Froggy” is no longer working and I am sadly disappointed.

I never really got a chance to blog about this as I was hoping that by cleaning it again, giving it a major overall that it would begin working again. We even went to the company Web site and followed all the rules should the humidifier act up in any way. Nothing worked. We changed the water in the Frog daily and took very good care of it. Since we did not have the receipt or the original packaging I didn’t think to call the company at first for a replacement thinking that this might just be the life span for this product. I need to look into this further now. We filled out the warranty paper work and need to call the company to find out if we can get this humidifier replaced. Really hoping we can.

In the meantime, since we actually had another Crane humidifier in our home, since Sarah has allergies, and this one has not been used nearly as much, this one now lives in her room. I suspect this one will stop working soon too as it started acting up last week. I am not looking forward to this day as we have been very pleased with these humidifiers. They are relatively easy to clean, easy to add water to and take out, quiet, and they come in so many adorable characters.

Now I am on the quest to be prepared to find a new humidifier should the back-up Crane humidifier crap out on us too and we cannot replace. I have to research other new choices so that should we need to replace it we will be ready for our next solution.

I just find it strange that this humidifier did not last. I know we had it for a couple of years, but thought it would have lasted a very long time if it was cleaned and taken care of regularly.

Despite Sarah’s attachment to the Frog-specific humidifier, it didn’t make sense to pay more money for another Frog when we had a different character at home as well in another room. She hasn’t established as much of an attachment or appreciation for this particular character and I am bummed even more.

Any suggestions on quality humidifiers that are reasonable in price, easy to use and clean, quiet, child-friendly, please share your recommendations. My research has just begun.

This blog is a plea to Crane, if you are reading this, please let me know, what is the life of your humidifiers, is this normal and what to expect, and is it possible that the one we have is just defective and we can replace it?


  1. We had a Crane frog humidifier for a week and had to return it because it wasn't doing anything! It's probably not child-friendly, but Vicks makes a warm-air humidifier for about $20 that's incredibly easy to clean and can be found at Duane Reade.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Appreciate it.


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