Thursday, January 21, 2010

Comfy Furniture for Children a Must

Children, just like adults, need furniture to sit on and relax in as they grow. While kids spend much of their time on the floor playing they often need places to sit and lounge as well to get comfortable and rest.
Now, if your children are anything like my daughter, the monkey, the couch is certainly a top contender for play, rest, naps, standing, etc. So, buying her kid-sized comfy furniture was a must, and it was really cute and hard to resist. I must emphasize that this smaller furniture hasn't exactly stopped Sarah from climbing on the couch but it has provided her much-needed and enjoyable places to chill out comfortably and play with friends.

Living in an apartment I can completely understand that space can be limited when our homes are already filled with many toys, books, stuffed animals. Try to get what you feel is important and necessary, like upright chairs and a small table not too high off the ground. And, the beauty of much of this stuff is that it can last a number of years and get quite a bit of use.

Furniture doesn't have to be expensive or brand new. If yoAdd Imageu need to save pennies and don't want to break the bank check out less costly options like Craig's List, Ebay, consignment stores, yard and garage sales, to find good finds that can easily be washed and cleaned.

Chairs, tables and mini-couches are great choices to consider and call also be found at large conglomerate toy stores and other affordable retailers such as Target and Walmart.
All of the furniture in the picture above are consignment store or yard sale finds. The rocking chair, in fact, which was formerly multi-colored, I recently painted pink, white and blue.

While I have not usually been very good at seeing the forest through the trees, if you are someone who is crafty or knows someone who is that can help, consider finds that may need a little sprucing up. You may be very surprised by the treasures you can find that can be transformed into special keepsakes.

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