Saturday, January 9, 2010

Awake and Alert at 3am

At 3:00am this morning fully asleep I heard Sarah through the monitor at the side of my bed. I rustled around in bed for a short while hoping she would fall back to sleep as she most often does. Oh how I hoped she would. Instead, she continued to fuss some more and; therefore, I dragged my extremely tired body out of bed, to likely tuck her back in and check her body temperature.

The previous day Sarah picked up what appears to be yet another garden variety bug from the kids in daycare, and came home after having thrown up. The good news is that it may be a 24 hour bug as she has not once thrown up since the school incident. So, waking up during this early hour of the day I kind of expected there was a chance she had a higher fever.

Still so very, very tired, I dragged myself into her room with her insisting I lay on the couch aside her bed. That lasted all of two seconds. As tired as I was, as soon as I touched her forehead and back, I was awake. Alert and awake. A fever is exactly why Sarah was awake and upset.

It's amazing how quickly a parent moves despite little sleep and fatigue to care for their sick child. I was no different. I immediately went to the kitchen to get some water to help her cool off, and the Motrin too, as I suspected her fever would be up there well enough to likely need it.

Then, she willingly came out of her bed and to the changing table for a diaper change and temperature check. Wishing otherwise, but no surprise, she had over 103.6. In went the Motrin.

The good news, if there even can be when fevers come about in our little ones, is that Sarah was then able to sleep through until breakfast and her fever has somewhat waned for the day. And, if you saw Sarah today you wouldn't think for a second she was sick except for what the thermometer says on occasion and possibly her less than robust appetite.

So, despite having to wake extremely early this morning and be alert well before my brain was up, as a parent I did what needed to be done. And, I am sure any of you who are parents reading this, would have done the same.

Therefore, today was the perfect excuse for all day play in pajamas for Mommy, Daddy and Sarah.

Here's hoping to a good night sleep for my little one, and a step in the right direction toward recovery.

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