Wednesday, December 2, 2009

When Travel is Necessary

When I have to travel for business, even if for only one night, I miss Sarah greatly. Wishing to hug her and snuggle with her and to just to be with her seems so far out of reach, and it is.

Certainly with tools such as Skype loved ones are able to remain connected all around the world. However, a trip that is short and packed with work needs and activities and involves travel to a different time zone than your own, means that visual communication becomes somewhat limiting especially when meetings and bed times are factored in.

I have also experienced that when I travel if I talk with Sarah on the phone she gets so excited that when we hang up and she doesn’t see me she then gets upset trying to figure out where I am. So, as a result, for now, since Sarah is still too young to understand, I have been limited to talking with her via phone or Skype because then Daniel is left with Sarah flipping out, confused and unhappy that mommy is not at home.

Therefore, when I need to travel I often make sure to include as much of Sarah’s presence as possible with me including uploaded photos to my laptop, cell phone and travel wallet. I even made sure this time around for a quick trip to film some footage of Sarah at the playground to my cell phone to hear her voice and see her energy. She really is a hoot.

When I wrote this blog from however many thousands of feet in the air earlier this week, tired from a long trip in a short period of time, all I could think of was how much I couldn’t wait to see my little monkey when I got home. Even though she was long asleep when I arrived home, just looking in on her and tucking her in warmed my heart and put a smile on my face. This is home.

Okay, there was a part of me that wanted Sarah to wake up, even if for a short while, so I could really see her but then it would have likely taken a fair bit of time to get her back to sleep. And, since this was a selfish request on my part I realized that l just needed to wait until the morning to hear the words “mommy,” see her big smile, and hug her as tight as possible enveloping her in thankful to be home with my family.

Mommy's home baby.

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