Thursday, December 10, 2009

Toddler Crayon Craze

Sarah has an incredible appreciation, love, fascination, and downright obsession, for crayons. I am sure this is a developmental milestone but it's just really funny and humorous at times to watch.

Sarah loves to play with crayons, less for actual coloring, and more for tracing feet and hands. In fact, Sarah loves being traced out and then together we color them in and create new friends for her. Let's just say Carla and Sebastian are now well loved members of the family. Sarah even wishes her new friends good morning and sweet dreams on a daily basis. Therefore, she often asks to trace feet and hands. To daddy and I we know what the scribbles are because they don't actually look like hands and feet, but Sarah certainly does. Oh, this is so much fun.

Another fun thing Sarah loves to do with her crayons is pull them out of boxes, into her back pack, into her desk caddy, into the empty diaper wipes container they were originally in, and then back. This process goes on and on.

Right now in fact, as I sit at Sarah's desk with her, she has been spending time and great energy putting the crayons in her desk drawer, back to her desk caddy, and back and forth. She's having a ball. She's very busy. And, it's so much fun to watch.

Sarah's crayons get a great deal of attention, and in some cases abuse. She still likes to chew on them every so often, break them into pieces or pull off their labels.

All in all, Sarah's crayons are a well loved toy and one I absolutely, positively recommend to any parent with a growing toddler. The possibilities with these fabulous tools are endless.

Happy coloring!!!

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