Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Re-purpose, Reuse and Recreate

I was hand washing some of Sarah's princess and fairy dresses today and came across one that I have been meaning to mend. This one dress has plastic beaded necklaces across the front and every time I see it I think of the possibility of a choking hazard and; therefore, have not had Sarah wear it yet.

So, instead of throwing away the dress or donating it, I decided to snip off the necklaces, which did not impact the dress in anyway, and have peace of mind now when Sarah plays with it in the future.

As I was fixing the dress I started to realize that the colors of the beads I was trimming away happen to include colors in Sarah's room and decided to glue them to an existing plain white picture frame on her wall, which holds a special T-shirt with her name in rhinestones, given to her as a gift.

Now Sarah's room has this special keepsake emblazoned with more fancy jewelry that makes it more unique and adds additional punch of fun and color.

So, before you throw anything away, consider what you have that can be reused and re-purposed safely and create away.

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