Monday, December 21, 2009

Puddle Jumping and Snow Appreciation

Each time Sarah and I have been outside this week since the big snowfall she has been so excited to roam around and stomp in the snow.

There could be a small patch of snow on the sidewalk and Sarah will be sure to walk right towards it in her snow boots and step right into it. With a laugh and giggle she marches on waiting upon the next pile of snow.

It's kind of funny experiencing this with Sarah because she is doing exactly what I would expect a kid to do. It's really fun to watch and it makes me laugh too.

As adults we often try hard to avoid these puddles and snow piles. But, when I am with Sarah I look forward to the occasional snow or puddle stomping expecting the consequences to be joy, fun and laughter, and slight bit of mess.

Step in puddles, climb snow hills, get dirty and be a kid.

Have fun!!!

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